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The Mercedes-Benz GLS 2020 has to fill impossible shoes

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The Mercedes-Benz GLS 2020 follows in the footsteps of its sister car, the S-Class, which is considered the best car in the world at all times. It belongs to the SUV family of Mercedes, including the GLA (sister car of the A-class), the GLC (C-class) and the GLE (the naming convention should now be obvious). But the GLS, now in its third generation, wants to be the best SUV in the world.

( Full disclosure: Mercedes flew me to Utah, gave me food and took me to a hotel and let me drive both versions of the GLS.)

And for a base price of $ 97,800 the V8 version or $ 75,200 for the Inline Six should probably be the best SUV in the world, or at least to challenge the title. Its competitors include cars such as the Cadillac Escalade, the Infiniti QX80, the Lexus LX, the BMW X7 and the Lincoln Navigator. It's a bit crowded, but I think the people who buy the cars will eventually pick their own. Anyway! Continue.

What is it?

It's a great SUV. Three rows. It is 205 inches long. The base price is over $ 5,000 more than the outgoing generation, which is a big step, but Mercedes is trying to justify it with a bunch of new features, including a better sound system, a larger screen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, wireless Charging, remote starting, a new parking assistance system and a blind spot assistance system are among the 19 million other features.

Mercedes has thrown everything into this car, including a plethora of USB ports and even USB-C for those of us (hello) who need this to recharge their phones. It comes with heated and cooled cup holders front and back, if you want. In fact, there are so many features that it feels like you're actually using everything and remembering everything that exists. They feel responsible for everything. Other cars make you a traveling hero. The GLS makes you a god for good or bad.

Take, for example, the car wash mode, where the mirrors collapse, all windows and the sunroof are closed, the car is raised and the rain sensors are switched off. The windscreen wipers are therefore not activated. That's neat! But should there be any? Should you ever bring your car to an automatic car wash? The answer is no.

Information of importance

There is the GLS 450, which comes with the straight-six, and the GLS 580, which is included in the delivery V8. Both are also mild hybrids. The 3.0-liter six-cylinder makes 362 hp and the 4.0-liter V8 makes according to Mercedes 483 hp. Both send this power via a nine-speed automatic transmission, which I did not notice while driving and switched seamlessly. (I also expect an AMG version and have asked Mercedes if there will be one, but said that this would not be a comment for a future product.)

One of the big changes is the E-Active Body Control System of the car Intelligent chassis, to which I have a lot to say later. The electric motor should increase fuel consumption (EPA levels are currently not available, but I would expect a combined range of 15 to 20 MPG) and if necessary, a small increase in performance (21 hp) cause.
[19659011] The GLS also has all the semi-autonomous features you would expect from a car that is as expensive and comfortable as possible. These include the lane departure warning system, the automatic emergency braking and the stop-and-go traffic assistant. This also includes an active Speed ​​Limit Wizard, which automatically adjusts your speed when the speed limit changes.

What's Great

For a car that's supposed to be very comfortable, the handling is superb. Mercedes has taken us on a dirt road, which was honestly much, much more intense than he had to be. It took a few hours and included a climb and then a descent on a rocky surface, all of which should be somewhat dangerous, but with the GLS bypassing the smoothness of a much smaller car.

The turning circle, for example, was incredibly narrow in turns, almost shocking for a car that feels huge on the highway. But as soon as we took it off the road, the GLS tore off his suit and turned into a real athlete. When we reached the descent, the car's downhill speed control kept us at 2 miles per hour as it nimbled through steep dirt and rocks.

It was just as good on asphalt in all its different modes – a sporty mode, an eco mode, an extra sporty mode etc. By far the most impressive of these modes was the cornering mode, which takes full advantage of the "intelligent" suspension of the Cars that can spring and damp single wheels on conditions. This is the E-Active Body Control suspension at work.

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