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The minister of the United Arab Emirates welcomes the “enormously significant” peace agreement under criticism from Pelosi

The Trump administration has made remarkable strides in brokering peace deals to normalize relations between Israel and other Middle Eastern countries, said Omar Ghobash, deputy minister for public and cultural diplomacy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Ghobash’s praise came in Monday’s “Special Report,” in which Fox News host Bret Baier asked about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., To downplay the president’s accomplishments in reaching multiple peace deals.

Pelosi told CNN last week that Trump’s peace deal was a distraction from the effects of COVID-1

9. “Good for him to be distracted on a day when the number of those affected and the number of people dying from this virus is only increasing,” she said on Friday.

While Ghobash did not address Pelosi directly, he underlined the importance of success. “How much credit do you give President Trump for these peace deals?” Asked Baier.


Ghobash replied, “It’s a really remarkable achievement – even for us citizens of the Arab world looking outside. It is a remarkable achievement and comes in a special context that is incredibly important – we in the Emirates tried it.” Promote an agenda of communication, engagement, dialogue and tolerance. “

“And this after the terror that IS has wrought in the entire region. To find a US government that will pick us up and help us to make peace with the Israelis, this is the first peace between an Arab state and the Israelis in 26 years. It is a remarkable achievement in itself, for both the administration and the American people, and for which I think we are very grateful, “he added.

His comments came as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to sign agreements to normalize relations between the nations with leaders from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday.

At the beginning of the interview, Ghobash described the agreements as “enormously significant” and predicted that the Palestinians would ultimately make greater strides towards an agreement.


“I think it’s extremely important,” he said to Baier. “The region is really, really tired of all this conflict and it is [been] We have been talking about decades there since I was a child. And we really want to move into a phase in which we do not resort to violence and conflict, but can actually resolve conflicts through cooperation and discussion and connect with one another. “

He added that he believed that “there have been structural changes in the past 20 years, particularly in the Gulf States, and that the Palestinian leadership may not have been fully aware of these structural changes. And over time we believe that The Palestinians will come over. They should take this opportunity, which is a tremendous opportunity to get back into a peace process and remember that we are all working with them in the two state solution. So we are very optimistic that she will do that. “

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