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The MLB officer warns of the shutdown if the corona virus is not managed better

Rob Manfred, commissioner for baseball in the major league, said Friday to Tony Clark, managing director of the MLB Players Association, that if the coronavirus couldn̵

7;t handle the sport better, the sport could be closed for the season, sources said are familiar with the conversation, ESPN with.

The league and players recognize that the coming days are a critical point after an outbreak among the Miami Marlins, in which 18 players and two coaches tested positive for COVID-19. Two positive tests by St. Louis Cardinals players on Friday increased concern within the sport about the presence of the corona virus and whether players’ MLB protocols are being followed properly to prevent outbreaks similar to those of Miami.

Should another outbreak occur, Manfred, who has the power to end the season, could go in this direction. Several players who were informed of the call fear that the season might end on Monday if positive tests jump or if players continue to violate league protocols.

State and local governments have put baseball under pressure as players circumvent the mandates described in the league’s 113-page operations manual, sources said ESPN. In programs that showed players wearing high-diving, spitting, and no masks, government officials have wondered how seriously players take the logs.

In addition, there are concerns about out-of-field decisions, with a senior official saying, “Some bad decisions are being made.”

The Cardinals’ game against the Milwaukee Brewers was postponed on Friday and postponed to a double header Sunday. The Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies, who last played against Miami on Sunday, were already missing scheduled games, leaving 20% ​​of the league’s Friday schedule empty.

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