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The money goes to the east final

A disappointing season is finally over for the Boston Celtics. For the Milwaukee Bucks, the real challenge may just be the beginning.

The Bucks ended their second round with a 116: 91 victory in Game 5 against the Celtics on Wednesday and reached the franchise's first final since 2001

Waiting for the Bucks in the final of the Eastern Conference includes either the Toronto Raptors or the Philadelphia 76ers. Toronto are currently leading the series 3-2, but both teams are likely to pose a bigger challenge to the Bucks than what the Celtics raised eight assists to easily end a dominant series. The MVP candidate finished 33 minutes in 31 minutes.

On the other hand, Kyrie Irving may have ended his career with Celtics in "I'll take ball and go fashion" with a 6:21 night while posting only one assist .

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