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The Monterey Five may have to testify in custody of Celeste Wright

Big Little Lies Season 2 In Episode 5, Ed and Madeline Mackenzie went to a class to work on their relationship. Actually, the class did little for nothing, but finally triggered the first real conversation between the two about their problems on the way home. Bonnie Carlson's mother talks a bit, and as Bonnie takes care of her, dark memories of her childhood with her mother reappear. She confronts her father with not protecting her, but the audience still does not know exactly what she's been through with her mother. Finally, Celeste Wright and her mother-in-law begin the custody process. Must the Monterey Five testify in their case? Read on to find out!

  Big Little Lies - Episode 5
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In Episode 5 of & # 39; Big Little Lies & # 39; Celeste Wright and Mary-Louise Argue for Guardianship

After Celeste and Mary-Louise received guardianship papers, they managed to get both lawyers to fight for custody. At her first hearing with the judge, she said that everyone involved must speak to a court-appointed psychologist and she will determine if the children are at risk. When Mary-Louise made a statement to the judge that she was worried about Celeste's health, Celeste began questioning her lawyer. She went to Renata Klein and asked if she should continue with her current lawyer or hire another.

However, Celeste did not receive much advice because her assistant interrupted Renata and informed her that Women In Power did not see her anymore A few days later, Mary-Louise's lawyer Celeste offered a joint custody deal while seeking treatment and anger management. Celeste immediately declined the offer, while her lawyer thought it was a good deal and it was better than going to court. Her lawyer told her that her husband's death will be reported when the two are facing litigation.

The Wright twins and Ziggy Chapman get into a fight in school in "Big Little Lies," episode 5.

While Ziggy is at school and playing alone in the playground. A bigger kid comes over and starts mocking the boy. He called Ziggy a mistake before the Wright twins came by and ordered the older child to leave his brother alone. The child then said the boy's father was a rapist and all three boys beat the child together, resulting in a suspension. Jane talked to Ziggy about his actions and asked what the child said to provoke the fight.

First, he lied and said he had forgotten what the boy said until he finally said the word to his mother that the child called his father. Ziggy also told his mother that he likes Corey, but he fears that he will grow up and be like his father.

Celeste also talked to her boys about the situation and then explained to them the custody case she was going through. The twins are initially scared when they realize that they have to live with Mary Louise, but Celeste promised the boy that they would stay with her. Her sons also promised her that they would protect her.

In "Big Little Lies," episode 5, Celeste Wright convenes a meeting in Monterey Five.

Celeste texted all five women and had them meet at night on the beach. She explained the custody situation she is in and how her late husband Perry would be educated in the process. Since the case revolves around Perry's death and how Celeste deals with it, she has to answer questions about the sudden death of her late husband under oath. Renata supported Celeste and said they were called as character witnesses to check if Celeste was telling the truth.

When Madeline suggested sticking to her original story, Celeste reminded her that if they were lying in the stands, they would commit perjury. Celeste therefore says that everyone had to formulate their story clearly and stably when their trial comes. At the end of the episode, a leached Bonnie drove to the police station and seemed to be approaching the door.

Will Bonnie divulge the mystery of Monterey Five? Keep Watching Big Little Lies Sundays at 9pm. EST on HBO to find out!

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