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The most powerful person in the world meets Donald Trump

Photo : White House / Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, met President Donald Trump at the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday. And while Zuck did not bother mentioning the meeting in any of his social media channels, the president proudly posted a photo of the two men on Facebook Twitter and . Instagram (also owned by Facebook).

Zuckerberg, arguably the world's most powerful leader of a company with data of over 2.3 billion people, was in Washington, DC on Thursday to hold meetings with a number of lawmakers. One legislator, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, even asked Zuckerberg to sell Instagram and WhatsApp, an idea that billionaire Facebook founder did not like .

Zuckerberg reportedly sat down with President Trump, including Dan Scavino, director of social media in the White House, but was not open to journalists and news photographers . A Facebook spokesman said CBS News the meeting with Trump was "good" and "constructive", though the tech giant did not respond to questions from Gizmodo.

President Trump has repeatedly denounced the heads of the social sector Media companies such as Twitter and Facebook have been claiming in recent years to have no evidence that they have an anti-conservative bias and restrict the speech of Trump supporters. Trump has even asked why allegedly liberal institutions are not being censored on platforms like Facebook, a question that seems to contradict his alleged support for free speech.

Zuckerberg also met with Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia this week to discuss the future of the social ego di a . Warner hosted a dinner in Washington on Wednesday evening talking about Libra, Facebook's digital currency, which is already controversial around the world. Zuck told Warner that Facebook and the Libra Association, a Swiss-based group of companies, would launch the cryptocurrency according to the Washington Post

trump only if they were bought by US financial regulators supporters Using Facebook thousands of comments left in the White House photograph to express Zuckerberg's disgust, and showed how important and revealing these social media platforms can be for one functioning Democracy like the United States.

"Ask him when his crews will completely suppress the views of the Conservatives!" Wrote a Facebook user.

"How is he allowed in the White House? Conservative and manipulate elections, "said another user.

"Pls disabled all account communists," wrote another Facebook user.

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Got the words straight out of my mouth.

I can hardly wait for the presidential election 2020 . It will be both normal and good. It's hard to predict the future, but at least we can count all these two things. The next election will be normal and will be good .

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