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The most useful Apple Watch apps

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

Despite some severe enforced disappearances, many iOS apps have companion apps for the Apple Watch – but only some of them offer really useful features and functionality on your wrist. Here are our tips for Apple Watch apps that go beyond the basics to create real value for your Apple watch brand.

1) Things

Things are associated with a high starting price, but as one of the best planners and list managers in the industry can prove worthwhile – and it has a superb Apple Watch app. Prepare your chaotic life and always know what to do next, right out of your wrist.

With dynamic notifications, you can interact, complicate dials, and create an Apple Watch layout that's both clear and informative. A textbook example of an Apple Watch app. Notes and commands can also be dictated by voice.

2) Citymapper

Since the usual caveat applies only to certain cities, Citymapper is a must for the Apple Watch. The use of public transport is a scenario in which a smartwatch is really preferable to a smartphone. This app displays all the options that bring you from A to B.

It offers much more than just extending the iOS app to your wrist – so it has complications for dials, it can come in handy when you need to leave the vehicle, and it works with LTE, so you're still home can come if you forgot your phone.

3) Nike + Run Club

Screenshot: Nike + Run Club

What does a running app need to earn a place on the wrist? Phone-free operation? Check. Feedback in real time? Check. Short overview Check again. Nike + Run Club hits all markers and a few more.

One of the most useful features of the app is the voice guidance during the run. You can even add recorded cheers to your friends if you need extra motivation. GPS tracking is also included, and the watch app includes a simplified view of your route maps.

4) PCalc

Screenshot: PCalc

The Apple Watch does not include a calculator by default, which is a pity given that this was one of the original "smart" features introduced into watches long ago , Connect the gap with the PCalc app, which impresses whether you use it on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

You can access a range of advanced features, such as trigonomy calculations, right from your wrist, but the user interface never feels cluttered – and the digital crown and voice control are used well if you do not put your fingers in the watch's screen would like.

5) Gymaholic Workout Tracker

Screenshot: Gymaholic

The Apple Watch has proven to be a valuable health and fitness aid, no matter what apps you have or have not installed, but Gymaholic goes beyond the basics and offers more than most others – including animations that show you how to perform exercises.

In other words, you no longer have to grab your phone whenever you need to concentrate on your muscle training. Everything from your heart rate to the workout schedule will appear on your wrist, and you can even control your music from it.

6) iTranslate Converse

Screenshot: iTranslate Converse

You Will Really Feel Like You When in the future someone speaks to you in a language you do not understand, and you tap your Apple Watch to Get translation instantly through iTranslate Converse. It does not work perfectly every time, but it's still fantastically useful.

You can also convert your own language into the required foreign language, with a total of 38 languages ​​supported by the app, and transcripts of all your conversations in which they are stored your phone. It can even automatically find out which language is spoken automatically.

7) Strava

Screenshot: Strava

App creators who want to build a decent experience for the Apple Watch look no further than Strava: it brings everything with key features of the main app right on the wrist, the is not overwhelming and uses an approach that is specific to the wearable.

So you can start and stop your training, see your important stats at a glance, and get audio notifications of your runs and more directly from your watch. It also works without a handset connected, so you can log all your activities without being charged by a phone.

8) Carrot Weather

Screenshot: Carrot Weather

Weather apps that are being worked on have no shortcomings in the Apple Watch, but Carrot Weather features an intuitive, clear user interface and, of course, the Attitude for which Carrot apps are known. This is an app that will really make you laugh when caught in the rain.

The weather forecasts are all as detailed and (usually) as accurate as you wish (data is retrieved from Dark Sky) and then you get the added benefit of having everything that matters to your wrist (with Complication support), in a format that is very easy to follow.

9) VLC Mobile

Screenshot: VLC Mobile

One of the coolest ways to use your Apple Watch is undoubtedly a remote control for something else – it just feels like it's not really a sci-fi -, and with the VLC mobile app for portable devices, you can control the video or music playback on another device with some taps.

In addition to starting and stopping playback and adjusting the volume, you can also access playlists and your entire media library directly from your wrist. For example, you can play a movie on your Apple TV with AirPlay and then control everything from your Apple Watch.

10) Just Press Record

Screenshot: Just Press Record

Smartwatches are partly designed to reduce the time you spend in a bag or bag for a smartphone, and Just Press Record is a perfect example How It Works: If you want to record audio, just tap your Apple Watch. [19659005] And that's pretty much all that belongs to. Your recordings can be synced and played from your iPhone. If necessary, even a transcription function is included. With the app, you can set up a Siri shortcut to start recording with your voice.

11) Shazam

Screenshot: Shazam

Talking about apps that are much more useful on your watch than on your phone Here's Shazam (now actually owned by Apple). Undoubtedly you know the exercise meanwhile: You tap once on the app, and it recognizes immediately, which title you play straight.

The Apple Watch app does not really do much for you, but it does reach peak values. You can browse through your previously recognized songs and transfer songs to your iPhone when you want to view the video or buy music.

Which Apple Watch apps are your favorites? Let us know below.

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