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The murdered mother's family "broke the heart" about the news killer near release

Jordan Jobson killed Samantha Madgin in August 2007 [Image: NCJ Media]

The family of a young mother stabbed to death has now spoken of her fears of being tortured Murderer will be on the verge of release from prison.

Samantha Madgin was just 1

8 years old when she was killed by 15-year-old Jordan Jobson in a lane in Wallsend in August 2007

Jobson – who had drunk vodka and snorted cocaine – stabbed Samantha ten times in the faces, arms and chest, stuck a lung and severed a major artery near her heart.

Samantha enjoyed her first night

Samantha's mother Alison has now learned that her daughter's murderer was transferred to an open prison and will soon be on the day of release when he gave birth to the son Callum, who was just 10 weeks old her sentence ends in August.

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The 52-year-old said, "It just feels like we lost Samantha, it's just as raw as it was 11 years ago."

"I would like really, that the public knows that she will be outside. People have a right to know if they have a murderer on their street. "

Jobson was initially imposed a prison sentence of at least 15 years, but after two separate appeals reduced to 11.

" My main priority is to look after Callum, "Alison said." Samantha would have wanted that Callum is happy. She would have been very, very proud of him and that gives me a warm feeling.

I talk to her every day about him. I just tried to educate him as normal as possible.

Samantha Madgin was born after her son's first night when she was killed. (Image: BPM Media)

& # 39; I can see the effects he had on him as he grows older. It's a lot to record at this age. "

Samantha's sister Carly Barrett, 27, said," Any little luck is just taken away because of the sadness.

"When I had my kids and at my wedding I just thought, these are all things she should have attended, and she was not."

And Alison added, "Every time something beautiful, it is always afflicted with such sadness.

"I hate the fact you did not see Callum grow up.

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Speaking of when Jobson is dismissed, she said, "I definitely think that's not enough, I do not feel she has served a sentence." 19659004] "If someone is found guilty of murder, think that he will go for life.

"We are the one who has served a sentence and we will be for the rest of our lives. We will feel that way until the day we die.

And the two-headed mother Carly said, "She's only 26. She can come out and have her whole life in front of her. She can do anything Samantha could not."

Alison is also worried that Jobson "never showed any remorse".

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"She had the chance to say" I'm sorry, "she said. "It would not make a difference, but she could have tried."

She came out of the house with a kitchen knife. It's just the pure violence and the evil in her.

"I still have the feeling that the justice system is everything for the offender and not for the victim."

Alison Now Hopes to Read a Statement About the Impact of Samantha's Assassination Family

"I do not know how I would feel when I see her," she said. "I'm so sad and angry, but I do not want to be that person, it's all emotion."

A Justice Department spokesman told Metro.co.uk they can not comment on individual cases.

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