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The name change from DIRECTV NOW to AT & T TV NOW is due this week (probably tomorrow).

Today we learned that AT & T TV will launch the new live TV streaming service tomorrow. Now it is reported that with this launch the name change of DIRECTV NOW in AT & T TV NOW will start this week.

According to our sources, the DIRECTV NOW app will be renamed to the new name this week as part of the transition to AT & T TV NOW. It is even possible that the name change will start this evening. (It's important to keep in mind that not all apps will be renamed AT & T TV and AT & T TV at the same time. According to reports, mobile apps will be some of the first to receive the update.)

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3. August 2019 AT & T confirmed Tech Crunch that the name change from DIRECTV NOW to AT & T TV NOW began. Now it seems that something is changing according to our sources.

Here is a tweet from AT & T written last week about the name change:

What is the difference between AT & T TV and AT & T TV?

AT & T TV NOW will be the new version of DIRECTV NOW. If you are currently subscribed to DIRECTV NOW, your app should automatically be upgraded to ATT & T NOW when the new version starts. This service gives you 20 hours of cloud DVR storage.

AT & T TV is a completely new streaming service. AT & T TV will offer both live and on-demand content. The streaming service will shortly select cities, according to the new website. With AT & T TV, you get 500 hours of cloud DVR storage.

These two streaming services will be available through the AT & T TV app. The contents and functions displayed depend on which service you have subscribed to. (Note: AT & T employees have informed Cord Cutters News that at least one AT & T TV set-top box is required for AT & T TV.)

We are not sure yet what of these apart from the points mentioned above, both streaming services are very different.

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