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The Narrative Director of Call of Duty Modern Warfare defends the controversial mission Highway of Death

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was recently targeted for for having portrayed an American war crime as being headed by Russian forces, and on Wednesday the game's storyteller defended the controversial plot in a weighty talk with GameSpot .

First some connections. In the simplest sense, "Highway of Death" refers to a real highway in Iraq and the site of a two-day attack by American Allies on Iraqi troops from the Gulf War's withdrawal from the area. The bombing was largely condemned at home and abroad, and a day later, the president declared the end of hostilities.

However, the name Highway of Death now also refers to a mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which takes place in the fictitious war country of Urzikstan, and has a striking visual and narrative similarity to the real US attack. Only in Modern Warfare were we told that it was Russian forces bombing people trying to escape. It should be noted that Russia had absolutely nothing to do with the actual historical event.

Directly answering a question about the Mission Highway of Death and whether it is appropriate to have a "real event" and [flip] the script in the same breath Taylor Kurosaki, the narrator of Modern Warfare, said the following:

I. In many cases, one could find many cases where the words "highway of death" were used. The reason why Urzikstan is a fiction Land is because we take topics that we have played over and over again in the last 50 years, in countries around the world and in places around the world, and we do not do a simulation of a particular country or conflict. These are topics that repeat themselves over and over again and in which many of the same players are involved. We do not portray any side as good or bad, "said Kurosaki.

" In our game There are American characters who betray the trust of other characters actors in the story. There are people from the Middle East who use tactics that are not considered excessive. There are also characters from the same region who you consider to be morally just. The same applies to Russian characters. We have Russian antagonists and Russian heroes in this game, and that was our goal again. This is not a form of propaganda. It is reported what happens in these conflict areas … And the biggest victims of these proxy wars are the locals on the ground … And I think that we are really sensitized. While the critiques of Modern Warfare are overwhelmingly positive, the game's metacritic score has recently increased following an influx of negative reviews by mostly Russian-speaking critics.Of course, Modern Warfare never claims 1

00% historical accuracy, but lends itself unequivocally From the Real Life of Many The decision by Infinity Ward to fundamentally rewrite a war crime will hopefully influence the way developers deal with sensitive story in games positively].

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