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The Nevada board wants to ban casino mogul Steve Wynn

"His behavior has shown he has no good character, honesty and / or integrity," the board said in a complaint filed Monday with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

"His behavior has also shown that he poses a threat to the public interest of the state of Nevada," states the complaint.

The Chamber recommended the withdrawal as well as a fine for Wynn after the tycoon had not participated in a planned hearing of the Chamber on the allegations.

A Wynn representative declined to comment on CNN on Tuesday.

The State Gambling Commission has the task of deciding whether Wynn's company is still eligible for a state casino license after a stunning report by alleged former executives at Wynn Resorts had covered up years of allegations of sexual misconduct against the billionaire.

The report, released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission in April, said the company promoted a culture of secrecy in which victims of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment were afraid of complaining or believed it would be meaningless.

Wynn resigned as CEO in February 201
8. He has denied the allegations and commencement of a relationship that was not consensual.

Wynn's company admitted to the board that the company's policies and procedures failed to enforce allegations of sexual misconduct against Wynn, according to the board complaint, according to the complaint.

As a result, the allegations were not properly addressed or investigated, the complaint states.

Wynn Resorts was fined $ 20 million for failing to properly respond to the allegations.

violated Nevada's game rules and regulations and discredited the state of Nevada and its gaming industry. "

" He is unfit to connect with a gambling company or the entire gambling industry, "the complaint states.

Wynn never reported the allegations and" at least some "concealed confidentiality agreements Complaint.

The negative coverage damaged Nevada's reputation and gaming industry, the Board of Audit contends.

"It has damaged public confidence and trust in an industry responsible for the state of Nevada's economy and overall well-being its inhabitants are of crucial importance, "the complaint reads.

Dan Przygoda of CNN contributed to this report.

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