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The new 50 cent coin in the UK is a black hole by Stephen Hawking

This Stephen Hawking coin with black holes is crazy. The Royal Mint of Great Britain has just started a collection of real money coins that can be used outdoors – but you're more likely to keep in your private collection. The collection focuses on British Science, and if Stephen Hawking's Black Hole coin is an indication, it will go crazy here.

The coin illustrates the concept of a black hole. Hawking did not discover the existence of black holes himself, but he discovered that black holes are not complete. black. He called this theory "Hawking Radiation" and described emitting black holes as radiation, causing them to evaporate and disappear over time.

The design of this coin is radical. It is an optical illusion with rings that seemingly spills the coin. The designer of the coin is Edwina Ellis. "Stephen Hawking made difficult topics accessible, engaging, and understandable, and that's what I wanted to illustrate in my design, which is inspired by a lecture he gave in 2008 in Chile."

"Hawking, in his playful best style, invites the audience to peer into a black hole before it dips," Ellis said. "I wanted to put a big black hole in the tiny coin and wish he was still gargling at the thought here."

Although this is the first in a series of new coins, Hawking is already in good company. British coins also honor Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, two epic historical figures of science with Hawking currently buried in Westminster Abbey.

Daughter and son of Stephen Hawking, Lucy and Tim Hawking, coined the new coin at The Royal Mint this month. NOTE: This coin is only issued as a commemorative edition, so it DOES NOT WANT to change in the UK, but COULD THOUGHT if someone was either a crazy person or just plain unlucky.

The only reason you want to turn away from this particular piece of history is the cost. It's a 50-pence coin that alone is worth about 66 cents (USD). If you want to buy a collector's coin that costs many times its non-special value, you may be willing to pay the £ 10 that coin costs. If you live outside the UK, good luck!

UPDATE: You can now order this coin at The Royal Mint for £ 10. There is also a Silver Edition of £ 5,500 for £ 55, an edition of £ 2,500 and an edition of £ 400 that will cost you £ 795 cool. The last issue is in GOLD.

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