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The new e-scooter from Lime tells you where to park

Lime has some new wheels.

Generation 3 e-scooter is more technically advanced and robust than the last model. It will come out next month in some cities and will roll into any city where Lime leaves in early 2019 (currently more than 100).

The new scooter has bigger wheels, a wider body and a better suspension system and brakes. But it's the 2.8-inch color screen that will hopefully help cities with its problems, such as blocked sidewalks and overloaded entrances to shops.

The display shows your speed and battery capacity, but can also share safety tips such as wear a helmet or just one person per scooter. (If only you could tell that you should not hack your scooter to see this or this .)

But here are the angry residents and businesses really happy: the screen will use the Scooter's GPS to tell the drivers where they can not park. In some cities, there are geo-fenced areas as no-parking zones. The new screens make it clearer for drivers to park scooters where they are not wanted.

  No parking!

No parking!

In addition, Lime uses sensors and GPS to help him know that you're driving on the pavement instead of on the street. It seems unlikely that anything will help prevent illegal sidewalks, but it's worth a try.

The screen could also someday be a navigation tool and be customizable, displaying your driving history and other information. Scooters also have a glowing LED neon lamp that indicates the battery level remotely: green for full, yellow for partially charged and red for unloading. This is to help Lime's independent contractors, who hire scooters (known as juicers), to easily identify scooters that need some juice. And as a driver, it will let you know if you can go far with this scooter or if it will die on the way to the supermarket. The larger battery should have a 30-mile range. This is how you get scouting.

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