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The new Harvest League from Path of Exile is Stardew Valley meets Diablo

Path of Exile: Harvesting is all about monster breeding. Literally. As the name suggests, the latest league and expansion of the current ARPG is all about creating your own farm – unless you don’t harvest delicious plants when your seeds sprout. When your plants are ready to harvest, they will instead produce a lot of monsters that you can kill. If you are successful, you can increase your life force with capacitors and use them to make powerful items.

Aware that not all players want to play a farm game, Developer Grinding Gear Games has made every effort to ensure that setting up and maintaining your monster farm is an easy task. GGG is also interested in distinguishing this league from the previous, battle-heavy delirium league. Although there will still be a lot of mutilation, you need to be creative to get the best rewards.

Of course, the upcoming Harvest League also means upgrading skills and fighting styles, as well as loads of new legendary gear. We had a little insight into the new league and the content of PoE 3.1

1. So read on to find out everything we know about Harvest.


The release date of PoE 3.11 is June 19, 2020 for PC and the week of June 22, 2020 for Xbox One and PS4. Chris Wilson, managing director of Grinding Gear Games, insists that the release date for Harvest on June 19 is tentative. Given the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to guarantee an accurate launch date.


The harvest league begins with meeting a new NPC, Oshabi. Banished from her people, the superstitious Azmeri, her interest in the potential of horticulture has inspired her to look for a new identity. She discovers a new area called Sacred Grove, an old and mysterious garden. To help her find herself, she hires Exiles to make her dream of a monster farm come true.

For you, this means that when you play Path of Exile, you come across magical tree roots that show the positions of the seed caches – there is at least one in each area of ​​the game. Each cache stores a selection of seeds that can then be planted in the sacred grove. Every time you open a cache, Oshabi opens a portal to the grove. So this is a fairly instant process and shouldn’t stop you from slaughtering mobs for too long.

Once you’re in the sacred grove, you can plant the seeds wherever you want, but there’s a lot to consider in making this decision, as we’ll explain below. You also need to build a collector near seeds so you can soak up all of the sweet vitality once it blooms. Just click on the collector and the plants will erupt with monsters to fight.

How seeds work

There are three types of seeds, each with a different color. The seed types are Vivid, Primal and Wild. Seed growth is triggered every time you open a seed cache. Every time you do this, you start a growth cycle and all the plants in your garden grow a little more.

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Seeds also have step levels. Tier 1 seeds are fairly simple and only need to be planted near a collector of the same type.

Tier 2 seeds are a bit fussy, but obviously come with bigger rewards – which results in rather complicated gardening solutions by players who want to maximize their crop. Expect some second tier seeds to require certain seed neighbors, watering, and more.

Third tier seeds can occasionally fall from the monsters you kill from second tier seeds. GGG didn’t go into details, but assures us that growing stage three seeds will be even more difficult.

Harvest time

The main focus is of course not on the cultivation of a beautiful garden, but on the harvest … in the truest sense of the word. The goal of these moments is to ensure that players can manage the boss fights of their dreams, and the reward you get after you win is a big part of it. You can harvest up to 48 plants in one case, so combat combinations are extensive to say the least.

There are even some different endgame level bosses that can be bred with the right combinations and Tier 3 seeds. There are three of these encounters, one for each of the three seed types, but a fourth, more difficult enemy has been teased.


Grinding Gear Games hopes to set a completely different pace for the Harvest League when crafting. Successive leagues require more and more rewards to feel good, reward and fight this inflation cycle. Harvest rewards are less common, but more significant because you control what loot you get from the garden you build.

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Different types of seeds create different production options that are available after a harvest is complete. The more seeds you have, the more options you need to have to control the loot in your favor. Seeds of higher grades or rarity offer some very unusual crafting features. To get the best rewards, you need a garden full of variety so that you can meet the high vitality requirements of the top crafting options.

New unique pieces

In addition to the new mechanisms introduced in Harvest, the new league will add 12 unique items to the game, some of which will be rewarded by the league itself. Grinding Gear Games has shown two of them to stimulate your appetite.

The first new unique item is called Doryani’s Prototype Unique Armor and was developed with lightning construction in mind. First, you can only cause lightning damage – the important thing is that this is not the case Convert Your lightning damage just means that all non-lightning damage in your build has disappeared.

To compensate for this, all enemies have the same lightning resistance as you. So if you keep yours low, you can inflict absurdly high lightning damage on enemies, with the obvious consequence that You will in turn be very vulnerable to lightning damage. The last feature to consider is that normal armor contributes to your lightning resistance. As a caster, however, it is difficult to equip armored equipment in particular. If you solve this puzzle, you could have a very distinctive and powerful new PoE build.

Another new one-off is the Storm Secret Unique Ring, which was developed for Herald bomber builds. This ring essentially reinforces a general skill called Herald of Thunder by increasing the frequency of the shocks so you can use it as the primary source of damage as it constantly zaps enemies around you.

Two-handed gun fans

GGG aims to bring two-handed weapon fans back into the meta with a series of subtle skill tweaks and stat bumps. Two-handed weapons are polished across the board with enhanced passive abilities to support them. The main improvement, however, is that several melee skills have been reworked into slam skills, which are more beneficial for two-handed builds.

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For example, the support jewel “Fist of War” is designed to work better with two-handed weapons. This amplifies your attacks so that a ghost appears over your head every few seconds and helps you by charging an attack. While this gem works with one-handed weapons, the effect is much weaker than with two-handed weapons because it only helps with a single attack.

In addition to launching Harvest, there are many other improvements to be made, and there are plenty of options that need to be explored at launch. So PoE players can look forward to when 3.11 falls.

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