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The New York Court of Appeals hears Summer Zervo's slander against Trump

A New York appeals court ruled Thursday that President Trump has accused one of Ex Summer Zervos, one of about a dozen women, of trumping Mr. Trump's sexual misconduct shortly before the 2016 elections.

The ruling means that Zervos lawyers might have the opportunity to question Trump under oath in the coming months. [19659005TrumphatZervosunddieanderenFrauendiegegenihnAnklageerhobenhabenals"liar"bezeichnetZervosforderteZervos2017dazuaufKlagezuerhebenTrumpsAnwältehabenerfolglosversuchtdieKlagezublockierenmitderBegründungderPräsidentseivorsolchenGerichtsverfahrenimmun

In ruling on Thursday dismissed a panel of New York Court of Appeals judges that argument and referred to the judgment of the US Supreme Court Clinton against Jones which stated the President may in office because of unofficial acts are sued. Two of the five judges on the jury voted in part.

"Contrary to the defendant's claim, Clinton / Jones did not suggest that their arguments would not apply to state trials," the judges said in their majority vote. "Only one possible constitutional problem has been identified. Despite this concern, the court should not be prevented from assuming that a state court as a defendant in a civil case can exercise jurisdiction over the president. "

Zervos' right-wing team welcomed the decision as stating that Trump" is not above the law law. "

" The case went on before the trial court, and the investigation continues, "said Mariann Wang, lawyer of Zervos, in a statement. "We look forward to proving to a jury that Ms. Zervos has told the truth about the unwanted sexual touch of the accused and held him accountable for his wicked lies."

The current schedule sets a deadline on June 28 for depositions with documents and electronic records The discovery is expected to be completed by the end of July.

Trump's attorney Marc E. Kasowitz disagreed with the verdict, saying that the president wanted to appeal to the New York Appeals Tribunal. "Dissent."

"We believe that the well-considered dissenting opinion of 2 of the 5 judges who cited the US Supreme Court ruling in Clinton v. Jones rightly concludes that the Supremacy Clause The US Constitution is denied state courts from hearings against the president while he or she is in office, "Kasowitz said in a statement.

An attorney for the Trump organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Z Ervos claims Trump violently kissed and palpated her during a meeting at the Beverly Hills Los Angeles hotel in December 2007. Trump has denied the allegations.

Another defamation lawsuit by adult film actress Stormy Daniels was dismissed in October by a federal judge. Daniels, whose first name is Stephanie Clifford, had argued that Trump had denigrated her by suggesting that she had lied because she had threatened to remain silent about her alleged past relationship.

In rejecting the Daniels case, US District Judge S. James Otero wrote that Daniels had presented himself as Trump's "political opponent" and that Trump's "rhetorical exaggeration" was a protected speech.

However, the case of Zervo differs in some important ways, according to the lawyers.

Contrary to Daniels and her The lawyer, Michael Avenatti, Zervos and their lawyers have chosen an inconspicuous approach, a move they can use to deny the claim that the lawsuit is politically motivated.

Zervo's case is also based on more than a dozen Trump claims that she and other women made false allegations against him. Daniel's case was all about Trump's statement:

Mark Berman, Alice Crites and Elise Viebeck contributed to the report.

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