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The next product from Impossible Foods is Wurst

The sausage ingredients differ only slightly from those of the Burgers. The main flavor still comes from "heme" – the blood-like soy leghemoglobin that the company heralds as its secret sauce – but in smaller quantities. The potato protein from the burger was removed, which gives the meat, according to the company a stronger consistency.

"One of the most important things was that the sausage was new, but it depended on the platform we already had," said David Lipman, Impossible's chief science officer. "The ingredients are very, very similar, but the circumstances are different and they are different in a way that creates rather profound differences."

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"We had some customers asking for a sausage product," he told Engadget. "At the moment, the biggest challenge for us, I would say, is the scaling of production." When we think of a new product, a very big consideration is how it fits into our workflow, and we see a well-prepared way to do that . "

These similarities are a good sign of the company's "meat platform" pitch. It would be a first demonstration that Impossible can taste a very different meat with just a few changes to the ingredients and manufacturing process. If the customers enjoy it, that means how and where the Impossible sausage will be available will be announced.

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