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The NFL agrees to allow passport match challenges, regardless of whether a flag is thrown or not

The decision comes months late for the New Orleans Saints and their fans, but the NFL decided on Tuesday to change their rules for checking for possible mishaps – whether a flag is thrown into play or not.

The change, which will come into effect next season in a one-year trial period, passed away at the Spring League in Phoenix 31: 1.

As part of the rule change, coaches can request a review of each pass. or non-call.


The change comes after the NFL Championship after the NFC Championship Game on January 20 between the Saints and the Los Angeles Rams.

In the final minutes of the fourth quarter, Rams defender Nickell Robey Coleman struck before the ball arrived at Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis, but no intervention penalty was imposed.

The missed cal I was considered a key factor that allowed the Rams to crack the game and then win in extra time to reach the Super Bowl.

The team owners voted on Tuesday such controversial games in the replay replay review system. The coaches will still have two challenges per game, and in the last two minutes of a half or fourth quarter, or for all overtime, the re-registrar may order a review of the offensive or defensive passein mix.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained the move:

"I told the owners we needed to get to one location, and I was firmly convinced that we should have OPI [offensive pass interference] and DPI [defensive pass interference] and that we should be able to throw flags (which were not thrown on the throwing plate). "Goodell said," Everyone in this area has one long process and many discussions finally understood that everyone wanted to do it right, some had to move away from the long shared views. "There, it was finally understood through a long process and a lot of discussion, everyone wanted to get it right, some had to go out remove the long-shared views. "


1; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The contest committee recommends rule changes to the owner, was amended by the addition of interference, in particular unmarked, to Split off. But they have refined the proposal, and it remains part of the overall game system, which is a critical component.

Only the owner of Cincinnati Bengals, Mike Brown, rejected the decision according to USA Today. The reason for Brown's no was not disclosed.

Falcons President Rich McKay, chairman of the competition committee, said the analysis also played a role in changing the rules. Of the 50 most erroneous local calls made by reigning director Al Riveron and his associates, half were disturbed by defensive passes.

"There was a lot of discussion and definitely a bloc of people in the committee and membership who were worried about putting a flag in. We felt better when we found out they were stuck in the replay system would become. " 19659003] Saints coach Sean Payton, a member of the contest committee, reportedly helped convince the owners that the change was necessary.

"It's great when we can make a good change for us," Payton said, "You have none of them on the file, if not for a piece." I do not think any of these discussions would be in a repeat discussion.

"It's great to be able to make a change we think is a good change."

– Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints coach

NFC Championship Game, many Saints fans were angry – Some demanded the repetition of the Rams Saints game and others demanded refunds for their ticket money.

The NFL said it would be impractical to repeat the game because it would have delayed the Super Bowl – an estimate would cost more than $ 100 million.


. The Rams lose to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, which was played two weeks after the Rams Saints game in Atlanta.

In other decisions at the NFL meeting:

– The owners rejected a proposal to replace the onside kick with a Scrimmage game, and submitted a proposal requiring each team to have an overtime possession did what happened in the first series of the extra period.

– They approved the permanent introduction of all kick-off rules that apply only to the 2018 season. Studies have shown that this safety initiative has worked for players.

– You have removed the blind page block to extend the protection of a defenseless player. It is now a penalty of 15 yards when a player initiates a block in which he moves.

– They agreed that teams have a choice to force an extra point or to play a touchdown on the personal or unsportsmanlike behavior an opponent has committed.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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