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The NFL needs to change its overtime rules

On the Monday morning of the NFL podcast, Andy Benoit and Gary Gramling discussed the NFL's urgent need to modernize its overtime rules.

GARY: I take nothing away from the patriot. The patriots won the game. I think if they had 10 more possessions, the Patriots would have made 10 more touchdowns against the Chiefs' defense the way they had evolved. I do not want to say that this would have affected the game.

The NFL used to do There are several overtime rules in the playoffs over the regular season, and it would be good if I returned to the split because it is better than what we have now. You must have it so that every time a possession arises. They should play overtime, defense and special teams to win in extra time.

ANDY: Do you know what? For the longest time I held on. I was the last time I got rid of the sudden death. I remember that my dad would be so angry with me if I said, "Oh, let her play the defense. Let's stop them. "But if the NFL favors scoring and 'we're a lucky league and big numbers / big offenses', then I'm with you.If you want to be an offensive league, which is decided by the NFL, every team should have an overtime possession.

GARY: Many people will say, "Oh, so you want to do college overtime? "I think college is even worse than what is now overtime.

ANDY: College is garbage. It is garbage . It's absolutely terrible and I feel so bad for college players when their great game is decided by OT. It would be like the NBA playing half a court, 3 versus 3 or something else. We do not have to do this anymore. Nobody suggests that. I would rather end playoff games with a draw.

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GARY: It's so clear when one possession ends and the next begins. It is not difficult to distinguish. It makes me crazy. The chiefs should have a chance to reach that score, and if so, the patriots get the ball back and play until someone scores a number of points the other team can not reach. And those are overtime, let's go.

ANDY: The league's counter will say, "Oh, we do not want games to last too long," which I somehow understand. It's a security issue and what you're suggesting becomes a problem as you continue with the 1

0-minute overtime. You would probably have to return to the 15-minute overtime if each team is guaranteed possession. What if they said that each team is guaranteed ownership, but if you're under seven in OT, you'll have to choose two if you score.

GARY: I do not like that. I'm not a fan of it. I think you just play. I think you play it like football, and if you want to make two and win the game, then do it. For example, if this rule was in force tonight and the Chiefs had a touchdown, I would have suggested that they should go two because their defense would never get a stop.

ANDY: I think I'm with you. However, it depends on the number of games and the exposure for the players. These games could last forever.

GARY: But that does not happen often. We had overtime over Saints Rams. At the beginning of the overtime there was a stop to get it started. The way it played would have been a Rams victory under my wonderful rules. The change in the Patriots Chiefs game gives Patrick Mahomes a chance to stop patriot defense. I mean, when did Patriots defense last stop Patrick Mahomes in this game?

ANDY: I'm on board with you. Not because of your point, but because of mine. It's an offensive league. If you want to promote and protect the attacks and QBs, let them have a chance of winning or retaining them.

GARY: The last point I've just talked about is need high-profile games to force the League to make those changes. The Competition Committee never wants to change anything. We may have got her here. This might be enough to change force . And we hope that we might fumble through the endzone in the Super Bowl to end the game, and we can correct that rule as well.

ANDY: And we hope somebody signed Ty Montgomery this week and he's the guy's fumbling and they go, "Hey, wait a minute, why # 88 hit the ball on this fumble through the end zone. " Let us correct that, too. "I'd love that.

GARY: And the officials just can not count, so they just call the game dead when Ty Montgomery touched the ball, I like it, it would be a happy one A terrible end to the season, but it would be good for the good of the good.

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