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The NFL playoff field is set and the ax is swinging

"You know the story," Ravens linebacker C. J. Mosley told me half an hour after the last weapon at M & T Bank Stadium. "In recent years, defense has been in the field."

Mosley does not lie. And though the fact that a proud Baltimore defense had not failed the team in December's last two seasons, in the run-up to Week 17 did not have much of a game, she gnawed at the veteran of this proud unit.

In 2016, it was a 10-minute, 75-meter ride that the Steelers yielded in the 16th week. Antonio Brown's touchdown scored 31-27 for Pittsburgh 13 seconds before the end of the match, taking the Ravens past the 8-ball. Last year there were eleven games, 80 meters from the Bengals, the 53-second ahead of Andy Dalton and Tyler Boyd with a 53-yard connection, which inflicted another 31

-27 defeat on the Ravens.

And therefore, everything that was to be played on the last Sunday of 2018 looked like it would happen again.

After all, fate seemed to be the only explanation for the circus catches of Breshad Perriman (yes, this Breshad Perriman, the old first round of Ravens) bust Breshad Perriman) and Jarvis Landry had a 35 meter lead over two moves and squeezed the Browns from their own 26 on the Ravens 39, 78 seconds before the end. Cleveland was still 26-24, but it seemed to be Baltimore as if it was the pre-battle team.

"We're in the field and I thought," Oh, now it's time again, "Mosley said," but we told each other, stay resilient, man, we've got four more Downs, that's all we needed them. "

They were resilient, and faith did not waver, for he was there in a very special way all year round.

When Raven's defense coordinator Wink Martindale took up his new position in the offseason, he pledged aggression He entrusted Mosley and Eric Weddle with extensive options for checking in and out of calls, both individually and for the group, depending on what each of the veterans in the field sees, on the most important series of the year and then on the most important Piece of the year that turned out great.

Here's the really interesting one – in September you could only talk about the blast of the passerby game in professional football – but there we were all at the top d It was the 17th week, and it was a defense that made the difference – and one that was linked to a crime much more like Navy than Texas Tech.

There's a lot to do Week 17. And we're switching between teams that have been fighting for a place at the playoff table and those who will be fighting for coaches in the coming days. Here's what you see:

The Eagles are lurking as a dangerous team in the NFC group, and why this is not so different as last year, even though this is the case much harder.
The Colts (19459006) behind a quarterback who does not have to be as dominant as he once was.
• A quick run through the coach openings or potential openings, as Black Monday dawns.
• An Ohio State DE Nick Bosa health update, as well as information on Kyler Murray and more Draft Information .
• Thoughts on the under-the-radar Texans, Patrick Mahome's crazy brilliance, Kyle Williams's farewell, the Seahawks' rebuilding, and other considerations of 2018

And of course we'll rummage for the playoff Picture and see what's in stock in a pretty intriguing Wild-Card Weekend scale. But we start in Baltimore.

After Baker Mayfield made 16 yards for Landry in the 58th minute of the match, the Browns were set up with First-and-10 at the Baltimore 39, a time-out and that 1: 18 points on the clock. It took them less than 10 yards to get into the kicker of Greg Joseph – he was 6: 8 in kicks over 40 meters this year.

This is exactly the situation that was said in September. And then the opposite happened.

Martindale chose the maximum pressure at each of the four following pressure points – six Rushers come -. Mayfield threw a crossfade on the first tee to the crisp end. David Njoku was on the right side of the cornerstone that Anthony Levine had hit with the Cornerstone. After the second hit, the onslaught forced an off-target throw on the sideline to Landry. In third place, Mayfield dropped the ball so fast that Djoku was not ready when he hit him in the hands.

NFL PLAYOFFS: Analysis of the Best Matchups and the Biggest Sleep

"That's us," Mosley said on Martindale's call. "It's the D-line that trusts the linebackers. The linebackers trust the DBs to be where they should be. Levine played a big part next to Njoku. [Brandon] Carr, he almost had a third drop. We fought.

And then came the last call – cable . Yes, Martindale chose another peak, but Mosley had made the critical adjustment to what the Browns were doing.

When creating it, Mosley was supposed to shoot down the B gap between guard and guard the tackle on the front of the game. As he clicked, however, he saw that the center and the guard were sliding toward him, ruining his chances of reaching the quarterback. At this point, he fell to the place where he believed Mayfield's hot reading. Sure, Mosley crashed right into Mayfield's throw alley a few yards from Duke Johnson.

For the rest of us everything happened pretty fast. It was slow motion for Mosley.

"This ball was in the air for 10 seconds. It was the longest two-meter pass ever, "he said. "It felt great to have my teammates celebrate with me, to celebrate the city with me. We deserve it. It just felt good that you could achieve something so big and have your family behind you.

And now these other, but well-known ravens go into January, with the 26-24 win and a home game against the Chargers on Sunday.

The Ravens are now different, Lamar Jackson is the quarterback, and the coaching staff's plan to innovate with him before drafting has seen the light of day – Baltimore is basically an option team's opponent in Jackson's seven starts was fought for 5.1 meters per carry. And the deeper you dig into it, the more evidence you have of how far John Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg have chosen this approach.

Since Jackson became a starter in week 11, the Ravens have played the ball 316 times 1,607 yards. They have fallen back only 180 times (including sacks), which has given Baltimore a ratio of 64 to 36 Run / Pass – which is pretty much unknown in the modern day, and speaks to a staff willing to let it work. 19659002] "[Jackson] did a great job in the middle of the season, came out of the week of the evening and remained resilient," Mosley said. "The offensive line, everyone on the offensive side, puts him in a great position. And since he's just the playmaker he is, he's done a lot of great things. He quickly made this team an offense. He also helps [the defense] and keeps us away from the field. "

And there these ravens look familiar. They are back in the league's defensive league table – finishing the season's No. 1 overall defense, fifth in defense defense, fourth in run defense and second in defense – and playing a style that invigorates and plays the game Regarding conditions that many teams in today's NFL do not feel comfortable with.

"We may not be the most noticeable, but at the end of the day we want to enforce our will," Mosley said. "We did that for most of the season. Especially in the second half, when the offense turned it, the ball started to run. If you are in the playoffs, you have to pack your run game, pack your defense. We have done that in the last weeks.

As a result, they have been able to drive away some of the ghosts of the recent past and become a kind of team nobody wants to play – one who plays a different game from almost everyone else.


The Super Bowl champions were 2-3 at some point this season and at another time 4-6 and were beaten by almost everyone after an overtime defeat Cowboys declared dead Three weeks ago. And here we are with the regular season, and the NFL still can not kill Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Then think about where they were on December 11th – in a jam of seven. Loser teams (Packers, Panthers, Redskins), who looked up to the Vikings in the sixth seed, with games against two possible division champions (Rams, Texans). Oh, and Carson Wentz had just set.

Then the eagles beat the Rams. And the Texans. And on Sunday they wiped out the Redskins, who had played 24-0 at home to Washington, and got the help they needed from the Bears, who cheerfully pushed Minnesota out of the playoff picture. And suddenly everything feels like last year, when Philly stiffened his circumstances stiffly.

"We are a legitimate team," security captain Malcolm Jenkins said late Sunday in the victorious locker room. "This is not dependent on a player or our star players. Because we were plagued with injuries and some key positions last year and this year. But we are proud to have won as a team and everyone bears the burden and contributes to it.

"The next guy is expected to perform and prepare. And we do that well, of course. We do not apologize – we only find one way.

The biggest challenge this week was to focus only on what was available. The eagles did not control their fate, and as their game began, they knew that what was going on in Minneapolis could do what was happening in the suburbs of DC.

Jenkins will not lie too. He could not ignore what was going on in Minnesota, especially after he realized that the scoreboard was just outside the city, next to the music box. But he says, "We knew that a scenario was guaranteed: if we did not win we would not be there."

The Redskins let Philly do the work, leaving the score at 10 points in the fourth position. But the old, reliable formula that drove the Eagles to a Super Bowl last year and has been used since the return of Nick Foles proved to be good enough for the third week in a row: Philly leaned out of play ( 34 carries, 129 yards) and defensive line, and eventually worsened Washington.

BENOIT: How the Eagles Can Ancend the Bears

Foles were defeated late (Nate Sudfeld looked really hot in his place, and his sore ribs will be worth a watch this week As the Eagles prepare to travel to Chicago for the wildcard game on Sunday, however, the Foles sounded good afterwards and even if Sudfeld had to face the bears, it is hard to imagine the Eagles collapsing. 19659002] "We definitely have that feeling," Jenkins said. "It does not matter, whatever the adversity may be, no matter what we face, because we know as a group, we trust each and every one of us We trust the coaches to set up a plan, we trust that everyone prepares, we trust the leaders to upgrade and lead the way ben done that and it's proven. I do not see it otherwise. "

In recent weeks, it certainly has not looked different.


The best news for the Colts who are in the playoffs is that Andrew Luck is back to the point where he can wear a team, and the second best news for me would be that Indianapolis does not need him anymore to do that.

Yup, Luck was in Ordering the Colts' 33-17 win over the Titans on Sunday night, Indy re-entered the playoffs for the first time since Deflategate AFC's title four years ago, with luck beating 24 of 35 for 285 yards and three touchdowns with a pick Pass Indy, however, has more than just hung the game at number 12.

The Marlon Mack-run game rolled 158 yards to 36. If you take Derrick Henry a 33-meter rumble, the Titan's defense game has 15 runs only 60 yards and Blaine Gabbert a gruesome rating of 60.3. And yes, maybe the fact that Gabbert was there adjusted the degree of difficulty (or a lot) of difficulty for a healthy Marcus Mariota.

However, this feels like a very different kind of Colt's team.

GRAMLING: Week 17 Takeaway – Foles and the eagles return, the ravens stop this time, the Vikings have some soul searching

"We trust each other" Mack said about the cell of the Nachspiels the dressing room. "We try to go out and work – 12 is under a lot of pressure and so we have to put ourselves under pressure to get our jobs done at the same level."

So, here's what it's all about Effort of luck – as a handful of his biggest games had to do with the cheap round-trip.

Luck struck three shots of more than 20 yards in first and ten situations and faced off a defense that had to respect the Colts' running game. And his biggest piece of the day, a 43-yarder by T.Y. Hilton came in second and sixth after a four-meter Mack run. Similarly, a 17-meter thrower came to Nyheim Hines after a six-meter Mack run on the second and fourth place. All this is proof that defense mechanisms have to play against Luck more than ever before.

"It always makes a difference when an offensive coordinator and a QB go for a third and a third time, not a third and a third -10," Mack said. "As a retrieving attempt, you always strive to get four or five yards per carry, and help the offensive coordinator or quarterback by giving him a simple call to third-and-2 or third-and-1. The O-Linemen as they play make it easier to become a third, or third and third.

ORR: Colt's Win Means Quarterback-Rich AFC Field [19659002] And that's all investment, by the way. In the same way that the Colts started refilling the D, they charged the offensive line with four former Top 40 picks. The difference from last year to this year, and it's huge, is really the novices Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith joining Anthony Costanzo and Ryan Kelly.

The result was a fortune that gradually got better and better in another area of ​​the environment, as he has been at some previous point in his NFL career – which makes Indy dangerous now, and quite scarily progressive.


[19659002] Today is Black Monday, and we already have four changes in the books – the Browns and Packers have been on the board for a long time and on Sunday evening they came Buccaneers and jets. There are likely to be three or four more coaching changes, so I thought it would be most efficient to think briefly about each of the points we keep an eye on:

Packers: We have mentioned Pat Fitzgerald and Patriots OC Josh McDaniels from Northwestern here in recent weeks – a key is training Aaron Rodgers, and both Fitzgerald and McDaniels seem to have a chance to do it for a variety of reasons. This is the show of President Mark Murphy, although GM Brian Gutekunst will have a lot of input, as well as a handful of other VP types.

Browns: This one is still open. I assume that the name of the Dolphins coach Adam Gases appears here when it becomes available and you've already heard McDaniels. Both have been stepped on the tires of Cleveland recently, and the Haslams both like. Darkhorse: Matt Campbell in the state of Iowa. And there is also the obvious link between GM John Dorsey and former Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Jets: The word is that the Jets are looking for guys with head coaching experience, with former Packers coach Mike McCarthy that they have done a lot of background work. And it would get hot after John Harbaugh, Ravens coach, was available. Campbell bears are also watching here.

LIVE TRACKER: Recent News and Information on NFL Coaching Changes [194559002] Buccaneers: The buzz is looking for a name, and could be preparing to take Harbaugh out of Baltimore steal. McCarthy would also fit into the profile of an experienced and accomplished coach who will cause quite a stir.

Broncos: GM John Elway will meet Vance Joseph this morning. And aside from the kind of heartbreak he had last year, Joseph will be gone. Those in Denver said there was a finality in the way Joseph approached his players on Sunday after the game – he told them he thought many of them would be part of the solution if the team turned it around. It would be pretty hard for the team to marginalize Joseph in the following years, then pull him back, and Elways was frustrated with his offensive crew. This is another team with a penchant for John Harbaugh, who should possibly be connected to Gary Kubiak if he should be available.

Cardinals: The problem with Steve Wilks is not just how ugly things in the field look around 3-13. It was the problems with which he had put together a staff. That's why it's a very good bet that he left – because the brass entrepreneurs do not trust him to be able to fix these issues on the fly, and the development of their 2018 first-round quarterback is at stake. It's easy to understand why this word will likely have its first glimpse of experienced hands like Jim Caldwell and McCarthy.

ORR: New coaches make the playoffs more often than you think [194559002] Dolphins: The dismissal of EPP Mike Tannenbaum has been rumored for days. And owner Steve Ross's dissatisfaction with the building's climate will certainly bring major changes to the table, making the idea that he'll be running the show with Gases and GM Chris Grier a little less likely. If he hires a czar to replace Tannenbaum, which could trigger changes elsewhere, New England executive Nick Caserio and Minnesota executive George Paton are two names that got around.

Bengals: The coaches went to bed without confusion about the future on Sunday night, but when Marvin Lewis returned this year, he was convinced that he and his owner Mike Brown had decided to go two more years , Lewis will meet Brown on Tuesday as he does at the end of each year.

Coordinator's Movement: As we noted on Thursday's Lions OC game board, Jim Bob Cooter and Buc's OC Todd Monken, on expiring deals, both should arouse great interest in the marketplace. Regarding Minnesota interim coordinator Kevin Stefanski, coach Mike Zimmer would have been fine last year after Pat Shurmur's departure. Therefore, it is obvious that he will keep his job there, apart from major organizational changes. And one can expect Joseph's name to be connected with the opening of the DC in Cincinnati.



"I am disappointed in the behavior today of TJ Yeldon and Leonard Fournette. They were irreverent, selfish, and their behavior was not bad for a professional footballer. – Jaguars EPP of football operations Tom Coughlin.

The Jacksonville boss did not chant words after the team's 12th defeat, while the television cameras ran the two jags a little less than the Texans. Then came the news that the team had lifted the warranties in Fournette's contract after being suspended at the end of November for fighting Bill's DE Shaq Lawson. And it looks like Coughlin and Doug Marrone have a fair mess on their hands to clean them up.


This is Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb, and Cobb pulls himself together before the last game is possible The two always play together. This is the reality of the NFL and the reality of week 17. Many broken dreams lead to outstanding clashes – Cobb's four-year deal of $ 39.9 million is pending, his eighth season as a packer. During this time he caught 470 balls for 5,524 yards and 41 touchdowns, of which the vast majority of number 12 was delivered.


A special tribute to our friends at # BillsMafia – we'll give them a video and a meme here – and we have a special tribute that one of them in shows up at the food stalls.


Giants RB Saquon Barkley is an absolutely incredible athlete. He can be a bit of a boom or bust on the field – both in Penn State and as a newcomer to the NFL. He has shown that he wants to alternate big and very quiet games – but his unconventional talent can undoubtedly come into question. And now in his first year as a pro, he has a season of 2000 scrimmage yards.

S / O to …

Brown's QB Drew Stanton shopping for 50 children from the Cleveland area – and involving his teammates in the event. The others on the depth chart of his position, Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor, joined in, as did many other Browns. And the cool thing is how Stanton came up with the idea of ​​having a tradition that he has carried from team to team since joining the league in 2007. Actually, he was from a former teammate of his former line leader Ephraim Salaam, who made him a shop with a jock "in 2009. The hope would be that the tradition is passed down by the guys Mayfield and Taylor.


The college football news from the perspective of the NFL.

1. Ohio State DE Nick Bosa appeared this week On the public radar for the first time in a few months and appeared at Buckeyes' Bowl practice, so I touched his status with his father, John Bosa, the former Dolphins in the first round. John said his son just switched from rehabilitating his surgically repaired core muscle injury to training for the combine. "The thing for Nick, after everything was said and done, after the second consultation after the surgery, was the reality for him the fact that this is really a 12 to 14 week process, "John Bosa told me. "He'll be fine after that too, but he's not good at overcoming the hurry, he's just good to start again." And that was something, the older Bosa said, and Nick felt week by week. "He called me during the weeks of the Team Up North game week, and he said," I had great training on the pitch but I can barely play football today. & # 39; "

. 2 In a sense, Bosa has calmed down. He opted for a trip to California in October, mainly because his surgeon, dr. Nick Meyers from Philadelphia, five minutes from Nick's brother Joey's place in Tustin, California, worked closely with a facility where Nick could also have access to Joey's coach, cook and nutritionist. Of course, that did not make it easy for Nick, even if it was the right thing to do. "It was very, very difficult for him," John said. "I had a broken heart for him. He was well on the way to New York for this [Heisman] trophy presentation. "Bosa was greeted as a welcome hero when he showed up on this exercise the other day, and the two brothers plan to be in the rose next Tuesday to be bowl with their alma mater. "He told me that he enjoyed the conversation he had with Trainer [Urban] Meyer and Trainer Mike [Marotti] more than any other conversation he had with them," John said. "There was no more talk than players – they talked more as friends." What lies ahead of him John Bosa said he was "95 percent sure" that his son will do whatever he trains in the Combine.

3. The decision comes Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray His college career is now (presumably) over. So it's worth considering, a few scouts I know well believe that Murray prefers to play football, especially quarterback, rather than baseball. That does not mean that he will choose football. But it colors his decision to include his name on the NFL Draft Board to receive a mark, despite earning a $ 4.66 million signing bonus from the Oakland A's as the ninth overall in baseball. Draft has taken.

. 4 The Clemson defense has turned out the way you expect in the national semi-final. And Clelin Ferrell scored a sack and four tackles, continued to show a sophisticated game and a really good engine, which should help mitigate the fact that he has good, if not particularly athletic, abilities Teams think about him in the top half of the first round.

. 5 Tiger Freshman Trevor Lawrence will be pretty good, eh?

. 6 That's not exactly new, but Alabama showed up with at least three setbacks on Saturday night with the potential to be NFL starters – Damien Harris (19459005), junior junior Josh Jacobs and Najee Harris (20029006). The older Harris and Jacobs have a good chance in the first three rounds in April. The younger Harris could well be a first-rounder of 2020. TEN TAKEAWAYS

1. I do not want to play the game "nobody talks about …" but it feels like nobody talks about the Texans . You know, the team that started with 0-3 and somehow got together for a 11-5 season? They get the Colts on Saturday, and for the third time in seven seasons, a playoff game of the division round is led to New England. And I met the coach Bill O'Brien after the game with his team, where he described what they had done as 0-0, a "monumental achievement". When I thought I would beat him and ask what he is most proud of He wrote back: "Great Leadership by the Captains – [Deshaun] Watson, [J.J.] Watt, [DeAndre] Hopkins, [Tyrann] Mathieu, [Johnathan] Joseph and Brian Peters. Team of tough guys who like to practice and work hard. Special teams have improved a lot and we have been solid in all three phases. "

. 2 As we think about things, I also came across Kyle Williams, Bills's retired Bills defender to ask what he was most proud of when he celebrated a 13-year career in Buffalo. "I think I'm very proud of the connection to the city," said Williams. "Just love the people and how they responded to me and me to them." They will find it hard to find many who do not really, really like and respect Williams. He will relinquish a five-time pro-bowler, and with a fun moment as capper, while the Bills catch Williams to a 9-yard swing pass from Josh Allen at the end of the Sunday fight of the Dolphins.

. 3 In der Zwischensaison habe ich zusammen mit Chiefs eine SMS mit Mitchell Schwartz über Patrick Mahomes 'verrückte Saison und seine Sicht darauf gemacht, und er sagte: „Es ist lustig, die Leute fragen immer wie lustig es ist ist. Und ich bin nie wirklich einen Schritt zurück gegangen und habe es als reine Unterhaltung gesehen. Eines Tages werde ich die Fernsehkopie hochfahren und es genießen. “Diese Art von Zusammenfassung fasst zusammen, was ich darüber empfinde, was wir in dieser erstaunlichen zweiten Staffel von Mahomes gesehen haben – eine, die er am Sonntag mit seinem 50. Touchdown-Pass bestanden hat. und die verblüffende Tatsache, dass er gerade einem Verein beigetreten ist, in dem sich bisher nur Tom Brady und Peyton Manning befanden. Ich habe Drew Brees als MVP vorgehalten, weil er an den größten Spots gespielt hat. Aber Mahomes hat es sehr, sehr schwierig gemacht, und ich neige immer noch dazu, möglicherweise umzuschlagen.

. 4 Dies war der Sonntag für die Rams nach ein paar schlechten Wochen, und deshalb nahm ich die Mitteilung des Empfängers Josh Reynolds zum 48-32-Sieg über die Niners zur Kenntnis: [the bye] mit viel Selbstvertrauen danach. “Jared Goffs erste Hälfte der Stat-Linie: 12 von 23, 132 Yards, 2 TDs. Jared Goffs Stat Line in der zweiten Hälfte: 3 von 3, 67 Yards, 2 TDs. So ist es ziemlich einfach zu sehen, warum Sean McVay es gut fand, Goff den Haken in der zweiten Hälfte zu geben. The problem? Es ist auf der anderen Seite des Balls, wo die Rams Nick Mullens und den 49ers-Angriff 6,7 Yards pro Spiel gaben.

. 5 Apropos Recht, Mitch Trubisky war zwar nicht statistisch herausragend, fuhr aber den Zug auf einer bahnbrechenden 16-Spieler-75-Yard-Touchdown-Fahrt, die die Bears auf 21-10 brachte, und ging seine dritte Woche in Folge ohne abfangen. Denken Sie daran, dass Trubisky Matt Nagy Spiele für ihn fordert und Vic Fangios böse Khalil Mack-Verteidigung die Verteidigung angeht, so dass er sich nicht auf Berge stürzen muss. Der effiziente Trubisky der letzten Wochen könnte reichlich sein.

6. Die Titanen stehen mit ihrem Franchise QB Marcus Mariota vor einer interessanten Offseason, deren fünftes Jahr eine Option von 20,9 Millionen US-Dollar im Jahr 2019 ist, die zu Beginn des Ligajahres im März voll garantiert wird. Ich würde erwarten, dass er nächstes Jahr wieder in Nashville sein wird, aber es wäre schwierig, an diesem Punkt einen All-In-Deal für ihn zu machen, angesichts der Verletzungsgeschichte (die, fairerweise, nur zu haben ist) kostete ihn acht Spiele als Profi) und wo er sich in seiner Entwicklung befand (89,4 Berufsrating, 92,3 Rating in '18). Trainer Mike Vrabel hatte in der 1. Klasse in Tennessee eine Menge erreicht und man konnte hinter Derrick Henry, der Offensivlinie und der Verteidigung eine Identitätsform sehen, aber die Situation bei Quarterback stellt das Team vor eine interessante Herausforderung . Camhers QB Cam Newton machte eine Menge Fortschritte, bevor seine Schulter in der Zwischensaison an ihm verrottete, und so war es gut zu sehen dass die Arbeit des Carolina-Offensivkoordinators Norv Turner und des Quarterbacks-Trainers Scott Turner in einer anderen gezeigt wurde Platz diese Woche – mit Rookie-Backup Kyle Allen. Allen, ein ehemaliger Fünf-Sterne-Highschool-Rekrut, der eine turbulente College-Karriere hatte, warf für 228 Yards und zwei Touchdowns auf 16 von 27, wobei er den (bedeutungslosen) Sieg über die Heiligen machte.

. 8 Ich glaube nicht, dass es das Schlimmste auf der Welt ist, dass Dak Prescott vor den Playoffs in 19459006 etwas mehr Arbeit bekam – und positive Impulse setzte. Ja, es besteht ein Verletzungsrisiko. Dies ist jedoch kein 40-jähriger Quarterback. Prescott ist 25 Jahre alt und er war auf und ab, und so kann ich verstehen, was Jason Garrett am Sonntag getan hat. Es ist nicht nötig, alle zu blasen.

9. Verrückt, dass Pete Carroll die Seahawks dieses Jahr 10 gewonnen hat und irgendwann werden wir aufhören, alle Jungs aufzulisten, die davor gegangen sind, um das Kunststück so beeindruckend zu machen.

10. Ich habe keine Ahnung, was ich mit dem 31-0-Stampfen der Lions bei den Packers machen soll. Aber ich denke, wir brauchen mehr als ein Jahr, um Matt Patricia zu beurteilen. Und obwohl er es fast sicher nicht versteht, fühle ich mich in Bezug auf Steve Wilks in Arizona genauso.


] Es ist 4:44 Uhr, als ich dies schreibe, und ich denke, ich werde um 7 Uhr morgens für den Black Monday wach sein. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass ich weiß, was Sie alle über diese Woche lesen möchten. Die Action sollte wirklich am Vormittag losgehen, und ich vertraue darauf, dass Sie sich hier am Standort unseres Trackers aufhalten werden, und mit der Reaktion, die wir haben werden. wir bekommen die Colts und Texans (ESPN, 16:35 Uhr ET) und die Seahawks und Cowboys (FOX, 20:15 Uhr ET); und Sonntag sind es Chargers-Ravens (CBS, 13 Uhr ET) und Eagles-Bears (NBC, 04:40 Uhr ET). Meine fünf besten Handlungen für die Woche? Sehr schnell, also kann ich ins Bett gehen…

1. Andrew Luck wieder in den Playoffs!
2. Der Zustrom junger QBs (Watson, Trubisky, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott).
3. Die Gesundheit der Adler im Quarterback.
4. Die böse Verteidigung der Bären gegen Doug Pederson.
5. Die Raben drehen die Uhr auf der NFL zurück.

Vergessen Sie nicht, innerhalb weniger Stunden nach dem Quarterback am Montag-Nachmittag Ausschau zu halten. Wir sehen uns dann alle.

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