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The Nintendo Switch is perfect for mobile games like Hidden Folks

After more than a year in the history of the Nintendo Switch, it's still exciting and surprising to see huge console games like Wolfenstein or Diablo on their way to the tablet. It's inherently compelling to have an experience of this magnitude in hand or to be able to jump back and forth between your TV and your tablet while using the same device. However, the switch has also proven to be an ideal place for smaller games, especially by indie developers. Lately, some of these games have come from an unlikely source: smartphones. And they are so good that I want to have more of my favorite mobile games on the switch.

Today Hidden Folks is released on the Nintendo Tablet. The game was first introduced on the phone in 201

7 and it would essentially happen if Wo's Waldo a) was fun and b) designed for a touchscreen. The black and white game offers you a range of indefinite clues and huge, densely packed levels where you need to find characters, animals or objects. There is no time limit or score, so it is very relaxing and it is also incredibly charming. The art is cute, the descriptions funny and funny and the sound effects are downright stupid. Since its launch, the game has been updated with a number of new levels, most recently with a stretch of beach.

In Portable mode, the Switch Hidden Folks works exactly as you expect it to. You tap the screen to read a clue or find something, and you can zoom in and out by pressing and dragging. It's like on the phone. Your TV looks a little different. Without a touch screen, navigate with the Joy-Con controllers instead. Increase or decrease the triggers while the left stick moves a cursor on the screen. It's not quite as intuitive, but it works well enough and makes Hidden Folks a more social experience. I've played a lot of playing with other people who helped me point things out on TV.

The switch version of Hidden Folks contains everything that's great about the original mobile game, but also adds new things only because the device spans the line between the tablet and the console. Same goes for the switch recently used by Switch The Room the classic touch-screen puzzle boxing game. It's great to play in portable mode, just like on a smartphone, but it's also nice to be able to see the beautiful, intricate creations on your TV.

Not every mobile game fits Nintendo's tablet so well. Free-to-play games such as Pokémon Quest where you have to check in several times a week or day, are still better on a device you always have with you. But there are some types of smartphone games – we call them "premium" games – ideal for the switch. Think of experiences such as Monument Valley or Alto Odyssey the kinds of games that you really want to enjoy and enjoy long distances. The Switch is already a great home for sprawling open worlds, long role-playing games, retro games, action games, puzzles and more – now you can add mobile games to this list.

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