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The not so wonderful games of Oz

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MGM The Wizard of Oz was supposed to have been a disaster. Following the release and subsequent success of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the studio was looking for its own potential hit movie that could be adapted from a children's book. In 1938, MGM acquired the film rights to Frank L. Baum's bestseller, and over the course of a year, 13 different authors – most uncredited – contributed to the script. The first ideas for the film were to turn Tin Man into a heartless criminal whose body was cast as a punishment in pewter, a song and dance number inspired by "The Jitterbug," and a romantic subplot between Dorothy and 1

8-year-old. her older hunk aka The Scarecrow.

The producers may not have had the best ideas, but they did have a song, maybe the as well as a child actress who would work 16 hours a day while eating a diet with pills and other pills and completely disregard the health and safety of their actors. This was filmmaking in 1939 and their ruthlessness led to one of the biggest films ever printed.

The Wizard of Oz is so good, so crucial to the canon of filmmaking, that almost everyone else's attempt to pursue it has failed. It's just too timeless, and while some products go their own way to success, like The Wiz – the stage musical, not the movie – most are quickly forgotten, even though they have a stunning, jazzy soundtrack feature. This also applies to games, and today, on the 80th anniversary of the release of this historic film, I wanted to look back on a few attempts to turn this classic, family-friendly fantasy story into a video game. [19659005] The Wizard of Oz "width =" 1200 "height =" 619 "/>

The Wizard of Oz (1985)

Released in the same year as Disney's Unfortunate and Fearsome Return to Oz The Wizard of Oz by Windham Classics is a graphical text-adventure game released for MS-DOS, Commodore 64, MSX and Apple II, and is a fairly simple retelling of [19459007TheWonderfulWizardofOz and its sequel The Marvelous Land of Oz The main difference between the four platforms are the colors available, with the MSX having the richest color palette.I do not expect anyone will play through the game completely, but recommend testing the Apple II version of the wizard, I can not decide if it's more like Marlon Brando or Dr. Evil.

 The Wizard of Oz

The The wizard of Oz (1993)

Probably the most well-known of the Oz video game adaptations is The Wizard of Oz published by the Seta Corporation for the SNES. Developed by Manley & Associates, which would later become EA Seattle until the studio closed in 2002, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Fig Lion ventured through five different worlds with a surprising number of levels to conquer. For a licensed game with a trait that is not normally associated with games, Manley & Associates has certainly made sure it's filled to the brim with content. Unfortunately none of this content was any good. I remember renting it in one of our pawn shops and it's $ 1.50 I'll never get back.

The only thing that needed this version of the game was the use of the artwork from the MGM movie. It is just a shame that such an iconography can not be better used. If you want to take a closer look at how bad it is and are prepared to endure the early Internet gaming humor, then The Angry Gamer has written an episode about it in its GameTrailers days.

Remember GameTrailers?

 The Wizard of Oz

Oz no Mahoutsukai ~ Another World ~ RungRung (2000)

RungRung had the dire calamity Start to launch the original PlayStation release around the release of the version of PS2. Developed by Affect, it's an object collecting role-playing game in which Dorothy tries to collect all the pages of the Rung book to stop the evil Ugu. According to Operation Rainfall's review of the game, which is the only real source of information I can find in a language I speak, the game has very little fighting feeling, as it's more about getting players into the natives explore and interact with them oz's different countries. Unfortunately, this approach does not seem to have aged so well.

Surprisingly, this game is available in the West, but not translated at all. Publisher GungHo added it to the PlayStation Store in 2013 without locating it. I'm tempted to make a purchase, but the report on Operation Rainfall recommends two years of Japanese, and the only Japanese I've got is lewd dungeon crawlers, Miyazaki movies, and extremely inappropriate Second World Bugs Bunny cartoons world War.

 The Wizard of Oz

RIZ-ZOAWD (2008)

In 2008, the developer of Wild Arms Media.Vision made a permanent break from work on his valued Wild West RPG to explore the myth of Oz. The end result was RIZ-ZOAWD or, as we know it in the West, The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road . A more correct RPG, thanks to IP's latest departure, RIZ-ZOAWD challenges players to eliminate four different witches and collect the various magical eggs that nest in their respective countries.

It's not a great interpretation of the source material, but I have a weakness in my heart and mind for this game. First, it's great on the DS; Perhaps the best-looking 3D game in the catalog of the handheld. Second, move Dorothy with a trackball on the touchscreen that somehow never got old. After all, the combat system, while simple, is well-suited to conveying the basics of strategy in a role-playing game. Each turn, the player has four slots into which he can place attacks, and each of the four group members occupies a certain number of slots. Dorothy and Scarecrow each use one, Lion two and Tin Man three. Mixing and adjusting based on what you fought was the key to victory.

If RIZ-ZOAWD had more impact from the world of Oz and much less from standard JRPG tropics – there is no need for Dragon Masters in a Wizard of Oz – To be a game – I think it would have done better with reviewers. Either way, it remains an interesting curiosity for those who fall into the middle of the gamer. / Wizard of Oz Appreciator Venn Diagram.

 The Wizard of Oz

Emerald City Confidential (2009)

One of the hallmarks of post-Judy Garland picking up on the Oz myth is the thought to darken yourself with it. Return to Oz got dark. Wicked went dark. Emerald City became dark. Tin Man got really dark. There is something called The Wizard of A.I.D.S. where the evil witch is killed by a huge condom and I'm not sure what message should be sent to children in the 80s.

Emerald City Confidential also opted for a darker rendition of the characters and their world. Confidential (19459007) plays Petra, a private investigator, who goes in search of a missing person. The game is a point-and-click noir adventure released only on the PC. Destructoid tested it in 2009, as luck would have it. At that time, we suggested lending it for mid-tier titles, and ended our game with teasing about "more after the jump."

 The Wizard of Oz

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (2014)

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return is a very very bad movie. Similar to 2013 Oz: The Great and Powerful the baggage of the MGM classic is carried here. Millions of people in the US watch every Thanksgiving on TNT and are unable to establish themselves as a worthwhile companion to TNT. But where Oz had a huge budget, big stars and support from Disney, to achieve only one hit at the box office, Legends of Oz had a bad script, bad songs, and bad animation. It also had a bad video game adaptation.

Released for the Nintendo 3DS, Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return is a crappy 3-in-a-row mobile game that GameMill tried to spend as a $ 20 worth of game. It is not. If you're really desperate for a match-three game with Dorothy Gale, Zynga has a derivative that you can play for free on your phone.

 Oz: Broken Kingdom

Oz: Broken Kingdom (2016)

Speaking of Derivatives, Oz: Broken Kingdom is the latest attempt to find games Success in the fun old land of Oz. Developed and published by Nexon for mobile phones. Broken Kingdom shows the new girl Ophelia, who teams up with Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow to fight a regenerated evil witch and more evil forces than she. While this could make for a decent PC or console game with Nexon at the helm, the end product ended up like so many mobile freemium games where grinding took precedence and money was spent prior to building skills and tactical thinking. It's certainly a beautiful game, and it takes a much darker setting, but five minutes later I had to erase it from my phone, as no good will about the source material could force me to make a mimicking experience.

Other games:

Obviously, this is not the complete list of all games in which The Wizard of Oz occurs. In my research, I found a variety of mobile and browser games, including dating novels that either no longer exist or have never been released outside of Japan. This includes Tingles Balloon of Love the Nintendo DS successor to Tingles Rosy Rupeeland . There is also Oz Chrono Chronicle by DMM, best known in the West for Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation . I also came across OZMAFIA which I think counts.

 Codename STEAM

Dorothy and her friends have also performed in games that are not entirely Oz-based. In 2015, LEGO Dimensions was released with a complete level on Yellow Brick Road and the Witches Castle. Unfortunately, apart from a Fun Pack with a Flying Monkey and the Wicked Witch of the West, none of the characters was playable in the last game. In the much better updated codenamed S.T.E.A.M. All four protagonists of the movie are unlockable characters. Their inclusion made perfect sense, since Nintendo loves to raid the public domain in creating its games, as anyone who played through Wii Music can tell you. Crusaders of the Lost Idols also contains characters and settings from the book and the game Rugrats: Munchin Land gives Oz its own spin.

The One We Never Saw:


It is unfortunate that perhaps the most interesting game for the country is Oz one that never was made. In 2013, American McGee launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of OZombie . Similar to his work with Alice in Wonderland the game would have shown a very dark version of classical history in which Dorothy's great-great-granddaughter built an army to defeat a crazy scarecrow.

The Kickstarter side promised a single-player experience with tactical RPG gameplay and 3rd person exploration. The conceptual drawings looked pretty dumb, but unfortunately, McGee could only collect a little over $ 140,000 from the $ 950,000 he was seeking for the project. Nothing came of it since then, and the last time we heard about American McGee, he unsuccessfully tried to get EA to make him another Alice game.


This is difficult Tell if the industry will ever do Oz properly. Games usually focus on the fight and this is something you do not normally associate with The Wizard of Oz . It is not violent or scary, but serious and kindhearted. And as Hollywood continues to be inspired to make bad movies as well as good episodes of television, I hope the game industry will not give up finding their emerald city at the end of Yellow Brick Road.

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