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The notorious French prisoner Redoine Faid makes daring escape attempts with helicopters

PARIS – A notorious French criminal who died for murder for 25 years made a bold escape from prison on Sunday after a helicopter with several heavily armed commandos landed in a courtyard, turning him out of prison Visitor space freed and led away. It was the second daredevil escape of Redoine Faid, who once broke out of another prison with explosives hidden in tissue packs.

His last escape from the Reau Prison lasted only "a few minutes," said the French Ministry of Justice. Unarmed guards said they could do nothing to stop it.

"Everything is done to locate the refugee," an Interior Ministry official told Reuters.

Dressed in black, two commandos with balaclavas and police bracelets went to prison to search for Faid. They used a sander to open the door to the visiting room, Martial Delabroye, a guardian union representative, told TV broadcaster BFM.

The commandos used smoke cans to hide from video cameras Only part of the complex, which was not covered by anti-helicopter nets, said another union member, Loic Delbroc. When the helicopter arrived, Faid met his brother in the visitors' room. A third commander arrested the pilot by force of arms, union members said.

French media reported that the three men took the pilot hostage in a flying club in the Paris region. He was later released without physical injury.

  FILE PHOTO: Prison guards enter the penitentiary in Reau

In September 2013, this photo shows jailers entering the prison of Reau south of Paris.

Christian Hartmann / REUTERS

The helicopter was burned in the town of Garges-les-Gonesse in the northern suburbs of Paris. Faid was believed to have gone by car with his accomplices.

French prosecutor opened a new investigation by Faid, 46, who spent time for the death of a young police officer in 2010 who was killed during a botched robbery. The investigators questioned his brother on Sunday afternoon.

After fleeing in 2013, Faid was arrested in a hotel six weeks later

In the 1990s, he led a gang that robbed banks and armored transporters. According to French media reports, he was arrested in 1998 after three years fleeing to Switzerland and Israel

Faid was released in 2009 after ten years. At that time, he vowed he had turned his life around, written a denominational book about his crime life, and in 2010 made an extensive media trip.

Nevertheless, he was the alleged mastermind of the attempted armed robbery in 2010, which led to a quick chase and a shootout with the police, which killed the 26-year-old Aurelie Fouquet. He was arrested in 2011.

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