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The NRA received more money from sources in Russia than previously reported

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                  In his letter, NRA Secretary and General Counsel John Frazer said none of the funds associated with Russia was used for political purposes. (Dominican Reuter / Getty Images </p>
<p>  The National Rifle Association reported this week it received more money from people with Russian connections than it previously acknowledged, but announced that it was officially conducted with a Congressional inquiry to find out whether illegal Kremlin-led funding by the NRA and in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) Said on Wednesday </p>
<p>  Wyden published a NRA's letter on Tuesday, in which the weapons rights group reported that they received $ 2,512.85 in contributions and membership fees from "people affiliated with Russian addresses." "Russian or Russian citizens who live in the United States from 2015 to the present day." In the past, a counselor de s congress on Wyden, the group has confirmed to receive only a financial contribution (19659005) History below </p>
<p>  Torshin, a weapons enthusiast and partner of President Vladimir Putin in Russia, is at the center of an investigation by the FBI whether any Russian money through NRA and on to the Trump campaign, perhaps through NRA institutions that were not required to disclose their funding sources. Last week, the Trump government imposed tough sanctions on Torshin, who denied the wrongdoing, and six other Russian oligarchs and 17 Russian government officials in response to Russia's intervention in the 2016 elections. </p>
<p>  In his letter, NRA, Secretary General and General Counsel John Frazer said that none of the funds associated with Russia has been used for political purposes, and that the organization "is currently reviewing our responsibility for" Torshin. In response to questions from the Wyden office, it also reported that it had not received "significant donations from foreigners in 2015-2016" and that no Russian nationals had participated in any of its various "major donor programs" [19659004] Frazer said also, that the letter to Wyden, the last in an increasingly contentious correspondence, would be the last of the group. </p>
<p>  Like the highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate Finance Committee, Wyden has been demanding more NRA documents for months as part of an investigation into whether unreported Russian money supported the Trump campaign in violation of US laws prohibiting foreign electoral contributions. </p>
<p>  In this letter, Frazer complained that Wyden's recent request for a document was so broad that the weapons group had to produce. detailed information on almost every communication that the NRA has made on any topic over the last 39 months, including hunting articles, firearms brochures, competitions, and innumerable other irrelevant materials. </p>
<p>  "It is not feasible for the NRA or any non-profit respond to such an excessive request, "wrote Frazer." Given the extremely time-consuming and arduous nature of your requests, we must unreservedly turn away from the clear answers we have already given. "</p>
<p>  The Wyden Adviser said the Senator's demands were not exaggerated, and that The NRA consistently refused to produce the requested materials that would allow the committee to fulfill its role as NRA's Congressional Inspectorate. </p>
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"Senator Wyden will forward his correspondence with the NRA to the Federal Election Commission to help with their investigation," the adviser said in a statement to POLITICO, which recently reported that the FEC had initiated a preliminary investigation into the potential flow of Russian Sending money to the NRA after receiving a complaint from an interest group.

"After three letters, the NRA continuously and concretely avoided what measures it takes to check donations, even from the shell business, a well-known means for Russians to channel money to the United States," said the adviser. "As a senior member of the Finance Committee, he is considering additional supervisory measures in the face of this reaction."

The adjutant noted, for example, that the NRA's recent letter referred to records as of 2015, when Wyden specifically asked for material dating back to the beginning of 2012. In addition, the consultant said the NRA did not say whether they were all related Include units and accounts in answering Wyden's requests.

A NRA spokesman and lawyer did not respond Request for Comments on Wyden's Letter or Recommendation to FEC

McClatchy reported in January that the FBI is investigating whether Torchin, a deputy governor of the Russian Central Bank, is making money to the NRA have sent to secretly stimulate Trump's presidential candidate campaign. Campaign records show the NRA was Trump's biggest supporter, spending around $ 30 million on him during the campaign, a much larger amount than previous presidential candidates.

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