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The nuclear industry is facing a crisis that Trump must address, says Think Tank

The nation's nuclear industry is facing a crisis that the Trump administration must immediately tackle as the centerpiece of its "energy-dominance" agenda, a think-tank in Washington said Thursday.

The decline of the nuclear industry is "an important political issue," which does not receive the attention it deserves, the Atlantic Council said in a new report.

"Nuclear energy should be increased in Trump's US national security strategy, including its" energy dominance, "defense capacity building in industry, and international partnership efforts with allies," the report says.

The issue is underlined by the aggressive progress in nuclear energy of Russia and China, which jeopardizes US nuclear leadership and is a matter of national and environmental security.

Nuclear energy should be described by the government as an "important strategic sector" in which "global leadership and engagement" should be considered "crucial to national security and US foreign policy interests"

Grounds The Trump government should emphasize the importance of nuclear energy as part of its agenda, it said.

The report states that a political discussion is "urgently needed" and the administration should bring together industry, decision makers, researchers and other key groups to engage in "constructive dialogue".

The president's energy dominance agenda highlights exports of energy technologies, with a focus on gas and coal exports in general.

"While energy dominance is clearly a strong focus on fossil fuels, it is important to examine if and how nuclear energy fits in with this strategy and what impact US developments have on US competitiveness to China and Russia, "the report said.

The government's interest in promoting nuclear power worldwide has played out in high-level talks between the government and Saudi Arabia in favor of a construction agreement in the Persian Gulf. The Democrats have expressed their concern about nuclear weapons in the region, which could make the deal a reality, especially given the statements of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that the kingdom would pursue a weapon if Iran allowed it.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said to the Senate Committee on Armed Forces last week that if the US did not help the Saudis with nuclear power, the Russians or the Chinese would do so.

The Atlantic Council's report indicates that Russia "actively promotes nuclear energy agreements" in the Middle East in order to improve its position in the region.

With its established links to reactor construction in Iran, Russia is working to finalize a preliminary agreement with Egypt for the construction of four nuclear power plants on the Mediterranean coast.

"A few days after President Trump's controversial announcement on December 6, 201

7, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, [Russian Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin visited Egypt and signed the final agreement for the $ 25 billion and 4800 MW nuclear power project",

Domestically, the report noted that the government's attempts to tackle the economic problems of nuclear power plants encounter obstacles, such as the rejection of Perry's plan to provide nuclear power plants with market incentives Federal Energy Regulatory Commission]

FERC investigates reliability and resilience in certain markets instead. The Commission comments on the replies it received from the network operators, which regulates the state of the network.

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