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The number of Facebook antitrust authorities rises to 47 Attorney Generals

The Post reported for the first time on the interest of the states to join the investigation. Facebook did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Facebook's government survey reflects growing national disbelief over the size and power of Silicon Valley in the face of growing fears that the country's largest technology companies act in a way that harms or leads competitors to higher prices or higher prices worse services for consumers.

Earlier this year, the Attorney General opened a similar cross-party investigation of Google that focused on his advertising practices and could easily extend to other elements of the business. In Washington, the federal antitrust authorities have divided Silicon Valley for further review. The Department of Justice is investigating Facebook and Google while the Federal Trade Commission has begun investigating Facebook and Amazon, sources said.

With the state investigation of Facebook, the concerns cover the entire spectrum of its expanding digital realm, including its past struggles to protect consumer data and the previous acquisition of two competitors, Instagram and WhatsApp. Initially, New York launched its investigation with seven other states and DC

. "With Facebook's almost unprecedented impact on so many areas of the economy and the political process, this bipartisan coalition of attorney general has pledged to ensure that Facebook complies with the law and fulfill its obligations," said Mark Herring, Democratic Attorney General of Virginia , one of the 47 officials who are now taking part in the investigation.

"Working together, Attorney Generals are leaders in ensuring that digital platforms respect consumer privacy and do not engage in anti-competitive behavior," said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R).

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