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The number of users of Twitter grow again

Twitter has a surprisingly good 2018 year, at least from a business perspective. Not only did the company make a profit for the second time, but its users are also growing again.

With the release of its first-quarter results in 2018, Twitter has also announced that it will be profitable for the remainder of the year. That would be a significant turnaround after four years of losses as a public company. Twitter released its very first quarterly profit in the last quarter.

Twitter user numbers are also good: 6 million new users were added in the last quarter. It is only twice better than at the beginning of 201

5; in recent quarters it has added 3 million users per month or less, and in some periods even users are lost.

The growth of Twitter is mainly international. Only 1 million of these new monthly users are in the US. In fact, the monthly users of Twitter in the US stayed pretty much the same last year. And while overall growth is not so fast – Twitter is still only 3 percent yoy – this quarter's numbers indicate that some of the company's product changes may be working to get people coming back.

Twitter has been fighting in a number of ways in recent years. It's about slow user growth, rampant harassment issues and money-making difficulties – not to mention the constant problem that new users are unsure about how to use their network. Product changes were slow; and despite the huge investment in video, no one really cares about Twitter video.

And while user growth is showing signs of reversal, frequent Twitter users will still be the first to tell you that the company has a long way to deal with harassment and reporting

Twitter does not show many changes to it on these fronts in its Notice to Shareholders, though it says changes to its API have resulted in less spam. In the first quarter of the year, Twitter said it had removed 142,000 apps using its API, violated developer rules and was responsible for 130 million "substandard" tweets during that period.

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