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The NYPD commander reportedly said that the cops shot 50 cents "on sight" – Rolling Stone

The NYPD investigates a commander in Brooklyn who allegedly threatens the death of rapper 50 cents.

The commander, Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez of the 72nd Ward at Sunset Park, is said to have told his officers to "shoot him landmark" during an appeal appeal on June 7, 2018, New York Daily News The threat was allegedly made after 50 cents, whose first name was Curtis Jackson, had been visited in the Bronx for a NYPD charity boxing match.

"The inspector has just said that, a source of information about the case 50 Cent reacted to the alleged threats on Sunday with an Instagram post with a photo by Gonzalez entitled "This is Emanuel Gonzalez, Commander of the 72 [precinct]." He thinks he has beef with me, so he sent the homies to do some work. NYNOTSAFE #theydaydayabadge. "

In a separate Instagram post, 50 Cent added that he consulted with my lawyer regarding my future options. I'm worried that the NYPD has not made me aware of this threat so far. "

Although there is no record of the incident, Gonzalez allegedly tried to make his alleged comments like a joke. The comments, however, came at a time when the rapper and Gonzalez had a continuing feud, and the matter prompted a test.

"The incident is being reviewed internally," said a department spokesman for the NYPD.

According to one source, the group investigates the situation for International Affairs Bureau 1, which handles police corruption cases. However, Gonzalez, who commits his 30th year of employment, remains in active service.

The threat of death is said to have occurred at the time when the rapper accused Gonzalez of blackmailing the owner of the Sunset Park club, Love and Lust, and writing an Instagram post saying "Get the Belt," that's the slang for "get a weapon". While 50 Cent deposited this post, Gonzalez was allegedly "out of fear of his safety".

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