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The one clue that Kate Middleton might give when pregnant with her fourth child

The royal family has grown in recent years and no one is willing to see it stop. As Baby Sussex arrives every day, fans can hardly stop their excitement. It seems only yesterday, as if Kate Middleton had expected little Prince George. Well, she and her husband Prince William have three beautiful children.

As the royal family continues to grow, fans speculate that Kate is indeed pregnant with her fourth child. Maybe she'll wait until after the birth of Baby Sussex to announce the good news. However, there may be an indication that we may be looking for a new little prince or a new princess. What's the one clue Kate might give if she's expecting another baby?

How was the imminent arrival of Prince George announced?

Unlike Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who were allowed to announce their baby news during an official tour, Kate and William were unable to do so. The reason is that Kate unfortunately suffers from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum: This is when an expectant mother suffers a morning sickness that is so severe that it causes weight loss and dehydration. For this reason, Kate was forced to cancel performances and royal duties earlier than planned, as planned, and Kensington Palace confirmed the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would become parents for the first time.

How did Princess Diana break the news she expected?

Before the days of social media, Princess Diana and Prince Charles welcomed their two sons, whom we all know and love today. There was no online speculation among fans that a baby might be on the go, and images took a long time to reach the public. Therefore, fans could not watch their phones and see photos that Diana had taken only hours ago. When she was expecting her first child, Kensington Palace made an official announcement and let the world know the good news. As simple as that!

Why are everyone speculating that members of the royal family are expecting babies?

We live in a time when important events are broadcast live online and all tend to question what members of the royal family wear to engagements. Fans are sometimes certain that they see a hint of a baby bump when a royal man in a figure-hugging dress or gown steps on. Add that to the fact that Kate has said in the past that she always wanted to have four children, and we're officially on Babywatch!

What advice could Kate Middleton give if she is pregnant?

If the world is right, and Kate is expecting another baby, we could see her soon in a new hairstyle! It is said that this is her way of distracting fans from what's really going on, and Meghan did the same before her pregnancy was announced.

When Kate was expecting Prince Louis, she attended an event at Paddington Station with significantly shorter hair. Meghan switched from her famous messy bun to a sleek, sophisticated knot to take the focus off her blooming belly. It was not until the news for Meghan and Kate were official that they were not afraid to put the bumps in the foreground. Looking back, it was not until Harry made this important announcement that Meghan regularly rocked her own hump, a move we all love.

Looks like we're watching Kate's hair closely now to look for clues!

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