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The Only New Year’s Resolution That Matters: Get More Sleep

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It’s that magic time of year where we see a spike in the sales of gym memberships and nicotine patches, as we all give our New Year’s resolutions our best try. 

However, resolving to get more sleep could make the biggest difference in your life.

The benefits of getting an extra hour (or two) of sleep every night can do more than just give you more energy.

The effects will actually trickle down into every part of your life.

Here is what your life could look like a year from now if you make sleep a priority today.


1.You Will Make More Money

Resolving to get a raise this year? Get some more sleep. Upgrade your old mattress to a new PerfectSense Mattress and it could actually make you money. Seriously! 

People who get more sleep actually earn roughly 16% more than their sleepy coworkers. Now, consider that the average person makes about $56,000 a year. Adding 16% more to that would mean an extra $9,000 a year.

Not bad for just going to bed earlier.

2. You Will Lose Weight

Getting in better shape is always one of the most popular resolutions every year.

A better sleep schedule will do more than just give you more energy to work out. Getting enough rest will actually:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increase your testosterone levels (for those looking to get ‘swole’)
  • Help you crave less junk food
  • Allow your body to fully recover from workouts

Before you try something drastic like intermittent fasting or cutting carbs, see what a difference more sleep can make.

3. Your Grades Will Improve

Finding more time to study typically tops the list of most students’ New Year’s resolutions. However, maybe they should be finding more time to rest. 

Data shows that students who earn higher grades aren’t up all night studying. They’re in bed early letting their brains rest.

Students who sleep more typically have a more defined routine every night and a pretty firm bedtime. This can be tough with after-school activities, hobbies, clubs, and part-time jobs competing with your study time and sleep time. This is why student sleep deprivation levels are a major problem right now.

It certainly doesn’t help that alcohol and cannabis remain frequent go-to choices for dealing with the stresses and demands of student life. While these options may help you relax or “wind down,” they can actually hurt your sleep. 

When you are (even mildly) intoxicated, you’re hurting your body’s ability to enter full REM sleep. This means you’re sleeping and at rest, but it’s not the full shut-down-cycle your body and mind need.

4. You Can Avoid the Flu

How would you like to go through flu season unscathed? Getting a good night’s sleep can be your own natural flu shot.

Your immune system is your first line of defence against the flu or common colds and you need to get the proper amount of rest to keep it strong. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body decreases the production of cytokines and other antibodies that help your body prevent the flu.

If you do happen to catch the flu, we don’t need to tell you that the best treatment is getting as much sleep as you can. Trying to power through the flu and not getting the rest your body is craving can cause a 24-hour flu to stretch out over a miserable week.

5. You Can Make New Friends

Getting the proper amount of sleep will change the way you interact with strangers. This is not simply about feeling tired or cranky. 

Research has shown that your body is less receptive to strangers when you are sleep deprived. This could explain why you may feel the urge to retreat within yourself and shut the rest of the world out when you’re tired.

Getting more sleep also improves your disposition and your energy levels, which may mean you’re more open to saying “Yes” to more social outings, even if you may not know many people there.

Some people may feel indulgent, or even lazy, when considering making their own sleep a high priority in their lives. Other people may think an early bedtime is boring. However, as we’ve explored today, sleeping can lead to more money, better health, better grades and more friends.

Resolve to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night and you might make 2020 your best year ever!