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The "oppressed" Palestinians Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib love the forbidden gay and transgender activism

When left-wing MPs Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were recently denied entry to Israel, they had listed their goal in a clear act of opposition as "Palestine" . The merit of Israel's decision to deny the entry of Congress women is ripe for debate, but one thing is beyond dispute: the apparent hypocrisy of allegedly progressive Democrats holding a government of illiberal Palestinian Authority over our Israeli allies support.

After all, members of the "troop" like Tlaib and Omar have come to conflict with Palestine and misrepresent Israel as their "oppressors" and in Omar's case, even citing anti-Semitic rhetoric, their criticisms of Israel. But just today, the Jerusalem Post reports that Palestine, in all its progressive splendor, is banning the activism of homosexuals and transgendered people from the West Bank.

The pro-gay and pro-Palestinian group Al-Qaws on sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society recently held an event in Nablus, and in response, the Palestinian Authority governing the Palestinian Territory " Prohibition that members of the LGBTQ community carry out any activities in the West Bank. " A spokesman for the Palestinian police stated the Jerusalem Post the group's activities were "detrimental to the" higher values ​​and ideals of Palestinian society "and suggested that the police identify and detain those which are behind the activism for the rights of homosexuals. Some members of Al-Qaws now fear for their lives.

This is the society that vocally defend Tlaib, Omar, and society. Such malignant anti-gay intolerance reveals everything the progressive women claim to stand for and reveals the dysfunctionality of their intersectional world view.

One need not understand the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to recognize that Israel is a beacon of freedom in the Middle East, one of the only places that protects religious pluralism, freedom of speech and religious freedom of gays. Israel protects gay people under the Anti-Discrimination Act, allows them to be open-minded in the military, boasts of many famous gay celebrities, and proudly celebrates the month of gay pride every year. It does not allow gay marriage, but it does offer recognition for domestic partnerships.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian territories are a hellhole for gays. This is especially true of the Gaza Strip, which is populated by Palestinians and ruled by an unelected Hamas government. There, homosexuality is punishable by death . According to Amnesty International "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people were arbitrarily arrested and mistreated". And Pew Research found that nearly 95% of Palestinians reject homosexuality.

It is bizarre and hypocritical that pretentious progressive congressional women like Omar and Tlaib claim to support the rights of homosexuals and the dignity of homosexuals, along with illiterate, homophobic governments over our freedom-loving allies in Tel Aviv. Let us see how they explain that.

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