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The other monster that ruins these Mets

PHILADELPHIA – Every day, the other players on the squad try to do something to make you feel comfortable with the Mets, so that the Mets feel comfortable with each other, and try to stop the growing sense of fate. [19659002] For many days it is Pete Alonso who fires missiles. Today it's Jeff McNeil who had four more hits on Tuesday and who should be the next healthy scratch at some point in the 2025 season.

On Tuesday there were even a few hits by Robinson Cano trying to convince the world (starting with himself) that he has not yet made a full pike flight to Alomarville.

But there is always the monster waiting. Lurking. Upcoming Threatening.

Always there is the cop. There is always an inning like the bottom of the sixth innings in the Citizens Bank Park, in which the Mets led 5-2 and from which they drove out with 7: 5. This time, Wilmer Font was the culprit, who could have emerged unscathed if a bouncing ball had jumped a few feet to the left and a few feet to the right.

But this season the bullpen are not always as round as they should be.

"It hurts to make a field and get a ball on the ground," said manager Mickey Callaway, "and not come out."

But even as Cano was forced to eat the Chopper by Cesar Hernandez, the Mets still carried 5-4. What hurt even more were the bombs that Maikel Franco and Brad Miller fired in the next few minutes.

"I fell behind and tried to get my pitches," Font explained. They were not effective.

That's the slogan for these 201

9 Mets, who are not an elite team even with an elite bullpen, but far from being a break-even team with one of the worst bullpens you'll ever see become. It's every night. It is every series. It is always a new man trying to improve his pitches.

<img class = "size-nypost-large-desktop-uncropped wp-image-13998479 lazyload" alt = "Wilmer font Wilmer font Bill Kostroun / New York Post

And too see how they are ineffective.

Game by Game, Week by Week, Month by Month, The Bullpen sabotages everything that comes before, so that everything becomes a prelude It's all a prologue to the main line, the same plot line And that's bad enough.


"We have the most talented people in our system up here," Callaway said when asked if it was time, just one throw up a new weapon, see what happens, throw the dice, "The most talented guys have to do the job."

And that may be the most sober of all, because of course he's telling the truth, the Mets do not drag, play, hide their weapons in the minors to do sports best options. These are the best options.

You can crush GM Brodie Van Wagenen for much of it, for Jeurys Familia and Justin Wilson. You can blame past regimes that also had trouble assembling working bullpins, and did not leave a raft of flame-throwers at the ready, in an era in which it seems every team has them.

Damn, you can smash the jugs yourself. Edwin Diaz was a disappointment. Robert Gsellman was a mystery. Seth Lugo was the most consistent player, but even he had more than a few games that left the team black and blue. It was quite a team effort to build a bullpen that is thoroughly despicable and completely contaminated the season one and a half weeks before the fourth of July.

"It will equalize," Callaway said. "We are getting better."

And you know, that's probably the most helpless part of it. You want to make fun of such a sentence. You want to be able to rip the manager, because ripping the manager will make you feel better, but temporarily. But if the Bullpen bites you again and again, what shall you do?

( I admit: I thought Mickey stayed too long with starter Walker Lockett, I would have taken his five good innings and run with it, I said that out loud when the sixth inning started I also gave Wilmer Font the ball to start the inning and how would that have worked, you think? )

It's like taking a peaceful walk on the beach every day, good music in your ears, warm sun on the face, cold beer in hand … and then one is eaten alive by a land-shark. Every day. Every single bloody day.

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