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The outbreak of measles was probably due to Bible teaching, the church says

by Bob Heye / KATU TV News Staff

Gracepoint Christian Church in Vancouver. (KATU Photo)

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The eruption of measles is likely due to a Bible lesson at Gracepoint Christian Church for the Slavic Christian Academy, the church said on Monday.

A third grader who was part of the university The class suffered from the disease during the Christmas break, said the headmaster, Andre Dolbinin.

Health officials in Clark County have not confirmed the connection.

Dolbinin said the student – the first mask case from Clark County – turned up December has still not returned to class.

He said the boy is recovering at home and his parents have been asked to check the child's blood.

"When the disease has disappeared, he is welcome back," said Dolbinin.

He said the Academy and its affiliated churches encourage members to receive vaccinations for themselves and their children.

But some parents mistrust the vaccines. Mistrust may be a remnant of the time in the former Soviet Union.

Dolbinin believes that a girl visiting Florida for Christmas brought the infection to Clark County. The Florida Department of Health reported four unvaccinated measles cases in December. The Clark County Public Health Department views Florida or another outbreak in New York as potential sources of outbreak.

However, it is difficult for county health officials to establish a single source for the outbreak, as it may take weeks for the onset of an infected person to show signs of measles.

Health officials said Monday there are now 35 confirmed cases of measles in the Clark County outbreak.

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