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The performance of the Tesla Model Y could be the best blast for your money (compared to Tesla Model 3 Trims)


Published on March 21

, 2019 |
by Kyle Field

21. March 2019 by Kyle Field

The prices of Tesla's vehicles have been rising and falling lately, each at several thousand dollars. To date they have reached a balance. At current prices, Tesla's new model Y CUV, scheduled for its first deliveries in the fall of 2020, is not far from the platform it was built on, the Tesla Model 3.

Our own Paul Fosse has this The best value for the Model Y compared to the smaller Model 3 today seems to be the Performance Build, which is only $ 500 more than the Model 3. This is an impressively small delta for a car that is 10% larger and can do much more. Pack more than four times with 66 cubic feet of storage, compared to the 15 cubic feet of the model 3.

All other Model Y ornaments are $ 2,500 higher than the Model 3, so more of an affordable upgrade for the performance configuration is a coincidence or not, it's live now, so it pays to lock the price as soon as possible before Tesla changes his mind and gives the prices another change.

Most Tesla recently publicly stated that it would close many of its stores and switch to 100% online sales. The move took Tesla's $ 35,000 target for the 220-mile Tesla Model 3 Standard range while allowing the company to dramatically reduce the price of its entire vehicle portfolio.

The move has been fueled by prospective customers and customers' recent frustrations in which the value of their new vehicles has fallen overnight between a few thousand and ten thousand dollars. Tesla cursed the owners for discounted autopilot and full self-driving software, but then announced a back pedaling a few days later and announced that only about half of the previously targeted stores would be closed.

The company had to catch up on its prices. 3% was spent on the additional branches, which led to a short-term sale of vehicles and software. Many speculated that the price disturbance in recent weeks was just an attempt to attract more buyers to offset the additional transit stock that the company had to absorb by shipping thousands of new Tesla Model 3s to China and Europe in the first quarter of 2019. [19659006] However you want to cut it, the Model Y Performance looks at its current prices compared to its smaller Model 3 sibling. I'm absolutely happy in our Tesla Model 3, but I'm not saying I would not trade Model Y if the opportunity presents itself. Hatchbacks are incredibly functional and the extra storage space would definitely be very useful for all the crazy activities we do as a family and for CleanTechnica .

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