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The Pixel 3 only makes fast wireless charging on Google approved pads

One of the more convenient additions to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL this year was support for wireless charging. Google welcomed the new technology with a pixel stand accessory that can charge both new phones while providing easy access to Google Assistant and even serving as a photo frame.

But it turns out that there's a catch: If you want to be fast Pixel 3's wireless charging speed requires the Pixel Stand (or another Google-licensed 10 W wireless charger), to use these speeds. Otherwise – even if you're using a third-party charger that supports faster wireless charging ̵

1; plug in to the 5W Qi specification, which serves as the base Qi charging speed.

Commenting on The Verge a Google representative commented, "We do not limit ourselves to third-party devices, rather work We and our partners in the Made for Google program to certify fast 10W chargers for use with Pixel 3 (Belkin has already announced its 10W Pixel 3 charger, which will be released in the coming weeks) Stand and Pixel 3 work together on our rapid-download protocol, and everything else costs the industry-standard Qi 5W. "

And while it's good that Google is working with third-party manufacturers to get more certified Pixel 3 chargers It's disappointing that Google's faster loading speeds are restricted to just admitted partners instead of adopting the same Qi standard that fas Every other phone manufacturer in the industry has.

Sure, Apple, Samsung and LG all have different internal standards for what makes wireless fast charging (Samsung specifies it at 9W, LG at 10W, and Apple had previously targeted 7.5W for the iPhone X, though it does claims have made nonspecific improvements for this year's XS and XR models.) More importantly, all of these standards are more or less compatible. Apple iPhones charge fast on Samsung pads, and LG G7 ThinQ phones get their full charging speed from a wireless charger that's made specifically for Apple's phones.

Even more frustrating, if you're the kind of person who wants a wireless connection charger for all their devices, the Pixel Stand will not help you either. Google has also confirmed that the booth offers a proprietary charging mode that only powers Pixel 3 up to 10W, but only supports 5W wirelessly for other Qi-compatible devices. That is, if you have multiple phones or devices that you want to charge fast, you need two chargers: one that can charge your pixel quickly and one that works with everything else.

And while there is no doubt that many users simply do not notice or worry that their phones will not charge as fast as they could be. The fact is, Google is ignoring an industry standard, and that's bad for anyone, no matter how you do it. Cut it.

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