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The player of the Little League World Series has a strange attitude

I do not know, man. This is weird.

Above is a young man from Venezuela's Little League World Series team digging in a boxing match on Saturday afternoon. But is he even digging in the box to face the Australian bowler in jersey No. 22? The kid basically sits there ̵

1; and when a seat was thrown, it literally fell over.

According to the ESPN broadcast of the game This young man is called Deivis Ordoñez and he takes this approach regularly on the plate, hoping to get the (probably confused) pitcher to throw a ball and get up.

This time it did not work, as the first field hovered The Ordoñez shot went into the lead 0-1. The pitcher was blamed for not allowing himself to be influenced by this utterly confusing sight on the plate.

The boy won in the end. Venezuela won the match 2-0 and Ordoñez was able to prevent some sweet moves on the pitch after one of the two runs:

Every now and then, unorthodox and otherwise "weird" hits on baseball appear Strikers try to try interesting things on the plate to give the bowler a head start in any way.

The phenomenon of the Red Aristides Aquino is currently on the map for Cincinnati, hitting Homer on almost every one of his playing fields – and he stands that way before the Pitcher's pitch comes in:

As far as Little League World Series children's stools, I can only think of Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell and his unmistakable squatting on the plate.

Sure, there is a difference between Bagwell's approach and the even more extreme approach of that child, but hey, Bagwell did quite well with an attitude that many called "weird" over the years. You never know …

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