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The Playlist: Prince & # 39; s Own & # 39; Nothing Compares 2 U & # 39; and 12 more new songs

Every Friday, New York Times pop critics capture the week's most notable new songs and videos – and anything else that makes them seem intriguing. This week, Prince's 1984 original recording of a song known as Sinead O & Connor hit, three recordings of Reggaeton pop crossover and a Grant Green cover of a James Brown track.

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Prince, "Nothing Compares 2 U"

Sugarland with Taylor Swift, "Babe"

How about your reggaeton pop crossover?

a) Delivered to the mercy of a former British middle-class band, who sings fat: "Roll your hips, make Calypso"

Tank and the Bangas grumble just a bit -" What are you trying to ruin everything? After all, the 70s-inspired groove still travels with small flights of jazzy keyboard, spoken-word bits that turn into babbles and what turns out to be a very small one Please explain: "Just be honest." JP

Grant Green "I do not want nobody giving me anything (open the door, I'll get it for myself)"

Los Angeles based producer Ras G makes futurism feel like comfort on his new album "Stargate Music". The tracks here seem to have been built in a lab full of microscopes and mirrors: he uses small elements and gives them a sharp clarity even in the darkest of environments; Beats and small patterns collide and build on each other, like a mosaic of reflections. As a proven afobuturist, Ras G makes music for your soul and your imagination and invites you to a combination of close examination and extensive thinking. (On "The Arrival", is this an Alice Coltrane sample? Maybe it does not matter.) GR

Jon Caramanica is a pop music critic for The Times and host of the Popcast. He also writes the Critical Shopper column for Styles. Previously, he worked for Vibe Magazine and has written for Village Voice, Spin, XXL and more. @joncaramanica

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