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The police released a cam video in which Willie McCoy is killed and shows him in the car US News

Vallejo police have released footage of Willie McCoy's assassination in a Taco Bell, where six police officers were shown sleeping the 20-year-old in his car.

The unsettling body-camera videos show that the young rapper had moved his hand to scratch his shoulder before the officers opened the fire. The material is in line with the main allegations of McCoy's family, who viewed material earlier in the month and said the officers "executed" him while he was awake or awake. The videos, which were released under great pressure, show:

  • The officers did not try to wake or talk to McCoy after seeing a gun in his lap and pointed their firearms at his head while he slept some For minutes.

  • An officer said, "I'll pull him out and rip his ass."

  • Then the officers realized that the firearm did not contain a magazine and noticed each other when loaded that it had a single bullet in it: "He only has one shot when he shoots."

  • The officers then seemed to make a plan to shoot him, with one saying, "If he reaches for it, you know what to do. "

  • McCoy began to move, scratching his shoulder and did not seem to be awake or saying anything to the officers, and a few seconds later all six policemen fired on him.

The police camera shows Willie shooting McCoy video

The Vallejo police slowed down the video in the final seconds before the shootings and added a caption that read, "The hand reaches for the weapon in the round." However, the videos from the February 9 incident are blurry at this moment, showing McCoy's body moving slightly, but do not take his hand for the weapon, which is not visible in the footage. Marc McCoy, Willie's older brother, told the Guardian Friday that he was glad that the public would finally see the video, but was not confident that it would lead to justice.

"There are a thousand videos on YouTube that show police misconduct, be it in civil actions or killing," said Marc, 50. "It's turned down … The Vallejo police saw the video and they do not think there's anything wrong with that wrong or that the officials did something criminal. "

The Vallejo Police Department, 30 kilometers northeast of San Francisco, has repeatedly claimed that the six officers were shot for" fear of their own safety. " However, the footage shows that some of them talk reasonably quietly for nearly five minutes before opening the fire. Two officers began shooting as shooters almost immediately after their arrival.

After the officers had stopped firing, they all held their guns on the car and shouted, "Let me see your hands! Hands up! One said, "Officers are fine.

The police beat Willie with an estimated 25 shots, including in the face, neck, chest, ear and arms.

"They never tried to be peaceful or de-escalate the situation." It's about being tough and tough too ", Marc said, adding that the police's plan seemed to be," If he moves, I'll kill him. "

The police also released audio of the 911 call, from which they came a Taco employee Bell, who expressed no concern that the driver was threatening or had a gun, said simply that a man was "unresponsive" in his car in transit: "I already had people trying to knock on the door window. I have no idea what's going on.

His family said the police should have treated it as a medical emergency.

"We all have to come together somehow and pressure politicians to hold the police accountable. "Added Marc. "It's crazy that the police still have these jobs. It is crazy that we as a country are not outraged by this behavior.

One of the officers who shot Willie shot and killed an unarmed man and is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit for excessive force. A second officer was previously sued in a police brutality trial. The police did not comment on the filming.

Melissa Nold, a family lawyer, said the video made it clear that the police did not have a plan to handle the situation safely.

"There is no attempt to preserve human life," she said. "It's terrible to look at … Anyway, he should not have died."

The police had repeatedly refused to release the video, with only three relatives providing a private viewing and their lawyer being prohibited from watching. However, the department released it on Friday after and a tightening backlash.

Police officers did not give the family or their lawyer a heads-up decision to release the video, saying Nold caught her off guard.

"It's just a continuation of the insult to injury, the continuing disrespect," she said. "You have to relive it without warning. It is cruel. "

Willie was a popular rapper in the Bay Area, whose career was on the rise with the death of the police.

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