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The powerful Masked Singer unmasking brings tears to the audience and panel

If you hoped "The Masked Singer" would summon the remaining eight singers like us to a show, welcome to the Disappointment Train.

Only four of them were on stage this week, the same for the next one. After that, however, they have to bring the six left to a show, right? Otherwise it will only be more ridiculous.

Oh, who are we kidding, we're still watching. And we're not alone, as Fox has just renewed "The Masked Singer" for a second season, having established himself as the number one overall show of the entire 2018-19 season in the coveted 18-49 year old. Obviously, America needs that kind of stupidity in its world.

To take his time, all four masked singers went to the stage together tonight to make Imagine Dragon's "On Top of the World" ̵

1; and that was an absolute shout – and each one produced a new hint in the form of an object ,

But while Rabbit, Lion and Alien had all the compelling solo in this group piece, Unicorn did not show up until late and only sang in harmony with them. Is that because she is not as strong as a singer?

Come on, Tori Spelling believe in you! Is that you?

One big change we noticed this week, when we got a little room to breathe, is how much fun everyone has. The panel has an absolute punch and tries to find out who these people are and Nick is with him.

To see that growing chemistry will only make the show successful, since it's just as much about enjoying their buffooneries as celebrities and guesses.

Again became the weakest artist of the night The Boot, but we will bring you to power through the terrible (and occasionally good) assumptions for all, before we disclose who it is. We do that because we love … to torture you.


Most of the latest package dealt with how he is a swindler, but it was images that disappeared from him, and at a bar of the restaurant, the Brooklyn Pizza served, "chewing". You know what that means!

"Now I'm thinking of the cook," Jenny said pointing to the pizza as Nicole jumped on the disappearing, explaining, "It's a magician." Hmm, we still think Joey Fatone Ladies. He wobbles by hand and was born in Brooklyn, so these two clues fit.

His subject matter was a magician What he said was another way of impressing an audience not the main way is. Do you know, as if you were Joey Fatone of * NSYNC.

We have so many clues that we should be safe now, right? Rabbit worked in an amusement park at a young age, finding safety in a group, but felt that it sometimes stifled his individuality.

We also received all these NSYNC cues from him that literally said he sang "in sync" and said, "I will be." And then some hot dog images really convinced us, even though Fatone came out and Rachael Ray publicly denied it. We believe that he is lying.

Fatone worked outside high school at Universal Studios and opened a hot dog restaurant in Orlando. And how about the new internal reference from the official site of the show : "He will play the game for you if the price is right." You know that Fatone hosted the live show "The Price Is Right" in Las Vegas in 2010, right?

Do we have to give any further advice here? If it's not Fatone, it's someone who steals his life!


We still have difficulties finding the Unicorn from the clues we've received so far. Last time, she told us that she lost her luster, which made the panel Denise Richards an ex-thought of Charlie Sheen . She also exuded exemplary behavior and felt victorious.

Earlier we learned that she grew up in "one of the richest neighborhoods" and was told that she did not deserve her success throughout her career. She does not seem to be a professional singer, so we pretty much relied on Tori Spelling.

This week's package showed that performing in front of people was always their biggest fear. She also admitted to struggling with low self-esteem, making this show a kind of positive therapy for her.

Add a note to the wagon wheel hints and say, "I'm proud of the hills I'm coming from, could that be the Beverly Hills you grew up in, and the show where you did the The reference to the Internet certainly did not help, since it was 93, and Tori was born & 73, which puts her in the class of & # 39;

But and here is the scream, when Has her "90210" character graduated from Donna Martin? This episode was aired in 1993. Tricksy tricky, but we see you!

Of course, "The Hills" got the quote They thought she was from "The Hills", and so we got Kristen Cavallari and Lauren Conrad . Eventually she said one thing, and they've gotten focused on every single clue.

Her subject was a typewriter, which absolutely fits that she has several bestselling books g has written. She also has a book entitled "VicTORIous" that fits a different note. And did we mention Tori Spelling, a notorious crafter, hosted "Craft Wars" at TLC in 2012? Yes, we are quite willing to lock this up, too. And Ken Jeong is with us.

She also said that she chose Icona Pops "I Love It", which did not have solo parts that gave her the security and comfort to support all the vocals. This is a sign that she is fighting with her self-confidence, which fits in with what she said before and her story over the years.


What we already know is that Alien comes from a large, famous family and has several sisters. There is an indication of the number five in relation to her and the fact that she was still quite young when the family gained her fame.

She was offended because she did not think she was a professional singer, and she's absolutely small, which we've been thinking about LaToya Jackson for weeks, and we're becoming more and more self-confident.

This week she talked about how much she enjoys the anonymity of the mask and is not constantly harassed, who shared LaToya with her famous siblings all her life.

We legitimately laughingly died when she said, "When I grew up, I always wanted the simple life," and the panel did not disappoint. "Is this Paris Hilton ?" Nicole asked with a quick counter-order: "No, it's Nicole Richie ."

Congratulations, you have identified a television program and its stars correctly. But then Alien said, "That's hot," and damn it, if that was not Paris Hilton then.

Does she play us for a fool? She's still far too small to be Hilton. Nicole? What happens, we lose our mind and sound like the panel. Send help!

The Internet hint told us "She's a fan of interplanetary travel," which probably refers to her time in New York with Michael Jackson while shooting "The Wiz." And then there are the snakes. You can find tons of pictures of LaToya, including a classic 1989 Playboy shoot.

Okay, we're back on track. Phew, was a bit seedy there for a second.

Your revealing element was a Muncie police badge and … oh, oh, LaToya is a reserve policeman from the Muncie Police Department! To bring out the actual badge was perhaps too much, since everyone knows that the Jacksons are from Indiana, and suddenly Nicole nailed the family and Robin picked out LaToya before she talked herself out and started Paula Abdul ]

] Leo

We are still confident that we have this actor at the clasp. We already know that she is from Hollywood with many women and is politically active. Take a headline from "Gold Found in Hailey" from a previous package, and we're anything but sure.

In the package this week, the Lion was disappointed that Nicole did not believe in her voice and said she was on stage fate and of God if Robin did not immediately think again of Destiny's Child.

She also said she wanted to be a "Model of Courage and Vulnerability" that made her think, and she also said "Tick-Tock", so we suspected the inevitable Kesha but she revealed Also, that "The Wizard of Oz" was her favorite movie, so where does Judy Garland's guess for this clue, gang?

But most of the time she seems really offended that the jury did not think she was a professional Singer, while basically confirming that they're right, she just wants to sound like one, and she did just that and absolutely killed Sia's California Dreamin.

For us, the Internet has blocked it with the hint: "Your voice will take you hostage." Hey guys, did you know that Rumer played with her father Bruce Willis in the movie "Hostage" in 2005? Sometimes it's so obvious, she grew up in Hailey, Idaho everything!

You know what is not obvious I was or helpful? Her white scrunchie clue she said was a family heirloom. Oh, so is she a woman who sometimes uses hair ties in her hair? Great. Thanks for that. Maybe it's an indication of Momma Demi Moore's crazy yet iconic 80s look?

Like Fatone, Rumer Willis has publicly denied that she is Lion, and how Fatone will make us believe that she is lying. Everyone knows that celebrities lie all the time to hide the secrets of their projects.


It was not really a surprise that the Unicorn lost its voice because it did not really sing as much as karaoke singing. long to a backing track. Still, we hope that the show gave her some confidence in herself and her abilities.

We agree with the jury that this was a difficult decision, but we disagree with Robin, the Olympic gymnast [Gabby Douglas] is a good guess at all. Jenny stood next to Lauren Conrad's suspicion while Nicole walked with Denise Richards.

Ken poured lots of love on the right train with us and go with Tori Spelling. So he can join our winning round. And we will invite Tori because she was so sweet and vulnerable to facing her fears to strengthen her children.

This was the most touching discovery of the season, but at the same time. "You begin to wonder if these hints are not too simple, we basically know everyone (or at least think that we do that) and there are still weeks to come, it will still be very entertaining, but maybe they want to be even more cryptic next year.

"The Masked Singer" will air on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm ET on Fox.

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