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The President's Resort is a magnet for spies.

  Mar-a-Lago resort.

President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.

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The real question for the 32-year-old Chinese woman who was arrested while attempting to enter Mar-a-Lago with four cell phones and a drive loaded with malware was not quite successful. It's more like many others like you did.

It's a fair bet that undercover foreign spies have long since made it their business to secure membership to President Donald Trump's resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Although the fee of $ 200,000 is steep, intelligence agencies may find this a bargain. Where else could their spies mingle with the American president and his family, overhear his talks, possibly hold talks with his peers – or at least boast to their superiors at home, that they did? On the night of April 6, 2017, when Trump was dining with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and at one point ordered a rocket attack on Syria, the entire spectacle remained within sight and earshot of club members and guests at nearby tables.

On Wednesday afternoon, we still do not know what intruder Yujing Zhang was up to when she showed up at the resort on Saturday and told the intelligence agents that she was attending a United States-sponsored event nationwide Chinese-American Association later in the evening.

However, we know from the Secret Service's official statement on the matter that agents had them cross two checkpoints and that they were only released when an employee at the hotel's front desk asked the guest questions and received misty answers. The clerk noted, for example, that there was no such event at the resort that evening and that she did not have a bathing suit, although she said she arrived earlier to see the pool. At this point, the secret service re-entered the picture and arrested them for lying to federal officials and entering the house.

The official statement states, "The Secret Service does not determine who is invited or welcomed in Mar-a-Lago. This is the responsibility of the host. The club management of Mar-a-Lago determines which members and guests have access to the accommodation. "

In other words, do not blame us. we just do that and do not do what the boss says he wants.

And that's the main point. The Mar-a-Lago incident is only the latest sign that Trump is not afraid to protect national security secrets.

Also take the case of Tricia Newbold, White House whistleblower, late last month, who testified that high-ranking Trump administrative officials had given at least 25 security checks whose requests had been rejected by gatekeepers for professional reasons Endanger safety.

In an unintentionally funny sidebar, Republican legislators issued a statement outlining Newbold's concerns as partisan and exaggerated, adding that out of the 25 people on their list, "only" three "senior" White House employees and "only" were. Four or five led to "very serious reasons". The New York Times points out that the three individuals are Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the president's daughter and son-in-law, who are also special advisers, and security adviser John Bolton

There was also the incident in May 2017, when Trump, during a meeting in the Oval Office, was referring to the foreign minister's Russian Ambassador and codeword – material that was not shown to close to US allies – about the source of sensitive individuals told intelligence regarding ISIS.

Another constant source of concern for many in the intelligence community is that Trump uses his personal mobile phone to make and receive tweets. When Barack Obama became president, he told the intelligence agency he wanted to keep his BlackBerry in order to stay in touch with some trusted friends. The National Security Agency built him a unique device that contained almost all features (no phones, no apps, etc.) and was heavily encrypted, with codes and passwords routinely changed. Trump's phone does not have such features. Experts say it should be assumed that everything he says and does is intercepted by a dozen foreign governments.

The New York Times also recently reported that Kushner and Ivanka Trump used the private news service WhatsApp for official communications. Although WhatsApp is encrypted, cybersecurity specialists say it can easily be hacked by professionals.

The Trump White House is a clover for spies and Mar-a-Lago is the lushest garden. Anyone sending Yujing Zhang to Palm Beach should better apply for membership in the club next time. It is unlikely that Trump would take care of it. He would probably welcome it if he received the fee.

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