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The progressive gambling of the Democrats will soon become real

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                  While advanced users point to strong opinion polls supporting Medicare for All and aggressive climate action, the GOP is anxious to spend money The following months came to an end. </p>
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Elections for 2020

The action of the Congress could demonstrate the Party's confidence in liberal climate change proposals, create universal health care, and promote peace Renew Economy 19659005] By ADAM CANCRYN

The Democrats Embrace Comprehensive Progressive Ideas such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal are nearing their first reality check on Capitol Hill – as Both Parties are making big bets on what message voters will influence in 2020.

Liberal Democrats have suggestions for The bold agenda they need to lift President Donald Trump, a candidate who is not afraid to take his own bold steps in trade and immigration. But the Republicans are taking the same steps to call Democrats socialist radicals as they seek to broaden the ideological divisions that are already emerging among Trump's potential challengers.

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The Senate Republicans intend to force a vote next week, SJ Res. 8, on the Green New Deal climate change solution from Progressives, which is approved by almost all declared and potential Democratic presidential candidates Chamber is supported. House democrats meanwhile will be presenting bills guaranteeing state-funded health care for all Americans amidst conflicting opinion polls on voter readiness to upgrade the existing health insurance market.

It's the beginning of what promises to be a series of high-stakes tests, both of which claim they will work to their advantage.

"Republicans misunderstand the moment," said Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), an outspoken liberal on climate change issues. "We've never been so excited."

In fact, some Progressive Members have used Trump's Trump earnings for 2016 as an argument for a bold 2020 strategy – proof that Democrats should focus more on formulating the core values ​​of the population, rather than the practicalities. In the same way that Trump has fueled his pledge to build the Wall and rebuild America, Progressives believe that Democrats can form an even greater coalition by acting as a universal health and economic party Have branded equality.

"You Donald Trump could actually credit that," said Faiz Shakir, Sen. Bernie Sanders' new Campaign Manager for 2020. "The way of not giving a damn what others think or what his critics think and just preceded by a vision has made progressives hungry for a version of, well, what would that look like [on the left]?"

But top Republicans say they see Democrats turning away from a socialist cliff – citing the Green New Deal, H. Res. 109 (116) and S. Res. 59, co-author of The New Yorker Newman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a prime example.

"It's just a fantasy, it's unrealistic. These are only topics of conversation that should appeal to the margins of their party, "said Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas). He added, "It ended up causing headaches for our colleagues across the Ganges trying to explain exactly what they are trying to do and how they are trying."

The Congressional Debate "The opening months follow more than two years of arguments from progressive activists that Democrats must be more than just the anti-Trump party to succeed in 2020. They also say that transformative policies are increasingly necessary is to counter major crises such as a changing climate and the growing power of the super-rich.

"The center of energy in the Democratic Party consists of these bold, progressive, populist ideas aimed at transforming our economy and democracy." said Waleed Shahid of Justice Democrats, a Sanders-inspired group, running 2016 and crucial to the rise of Ocasio-Cortez. "We're making change pretty fast."

But also among the It has caused disquiets among party leaders, while Progressive has responded to strong opinion polls in support of Pointing out Medicare for All and aggressive climate action, the GOP is anxious to spend the next few months participating in it.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell's vote on the Green New Deal merely aims to break through the Democratic Party and force liberal senators and vulnerable centrists alike to weigh up a proposal that provides for the US economy rebuild in just a decade. Moderate Democratic senators like Debbie Stabenow (Michigan) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia) have already criticized the plan as too far and too fast.

Republicans in Parliament are pushing for a series of hearings on Medicare Everyone who are confident that the enthusiasm for health care for individuals will diminish as voters study the details and tradeoffs.

"The Democrats for All proposal would force more than 150 million Americans to lose their employer or their unionized insurance. Said Oregon Deputy Greg Walden, the top republican in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. "You want to talk about sabotage? We should have a hearing on that.

The liberal wing of the Democrats vows to face up to this challenge. And they expect the party's growing list of presidential candidates to compete with them in the long, bloody 2020 campaign.

Already, all six Democratic senators running for president have co-funded the Green New Deal, and five of them signed the Medicare for All legislation last year. Sanders (I-Vt.) And Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Have made an effort to break away from the pack – Sanders appears as a Democratic socialist in favor of a college free and a dissolution of the big banks. Warren has introduced plans for wealth tax and universal childcare.

At Congress, House Progressives will launch a detailed health insurance plan for individuals next week – even though party leaders focus on the immediate, incremental health issues that triggered their medium-term electoral wave a few months ago.

"What we're suggesting is really a change in the healthcare system to get out the parts that are embedded to continue providing healthcare. Costs equal 19 percent of GDP," said MEP Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash .), Congressional Progressive Caucus, who authored the bill for Medicare for All. "The majority of the American public believes we should have what almost all developed countries in the world have."

Democrats, however, acknowledge that they are inviting intense scrutiny of such transformational proposals – and the accounting that results from calculating voters' enthusiasm for a policy that would burden broad sectors of the economy.

A presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Who was endorsed in January with a proposal in a CNN city hall to support the abolition of private health insurance as part of a Medicare for All system. Similarly, the Green New Deal sparked an early wave of confusion and amused GOP attacks after Ocasio-Cortez's employees accidentally distributed a document containing principles that were not approved by the proponents of the resolution – including the opt-out from nuclear energy and the construction of a high-speed rail on a scale where air traffic is no longer necessary. "

And some moderate Democrats have privately pointed to House Progressive's troubles, which have secured 100 co-sponsors for their one-donor health insurance, as proof that the party's vocal left over-emphasizes their political ideas ,

In the meantime, some 2020 candidates are moving deliberately towards the center. On Monday, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar has classified the Green New Deal as "aspiring" despite its approval, and Medicare for All as something to shoot on the street – instead positioning itself as a more pragmatic candidate.

could be a possibility for the future, "said Klobuchar on health care, which has only one employee. "But I'm looking for what works now."

This is a balancing act of which several Democrats in Congress say they hope the party can strike. They are guided by the progressive rhetoric that is supported by the voters as they pursue more incremental action. [19659008"EsisteingroßartigerGesprächsstarter"sagteAlabamaSenDougJoneseinNeulingdervoreinerhartenWiederwahlimJahr2020stehtüberdenGreenNewDeal"WasdortvorgeschlagenwirdisteinbisschenzuaggressivundeinbisschenzuweitimMomentaberwirmüsseneinGesprächüberdenKlimawandelunddaswaswirmitdiesemPlanetentunführen"

The Democrats warn in a similar manner before a process of force Details of the change to a health system with only one payer, for fear curb their advantage in health issues and to offer the Republicans new attack vectors.

"It is important that you bring out your values ​​and principles," said Democratic pollster and strategist Celinda Lake. "It's a classic for Democrats to get into the middle of politics."

Liberals, however, complain that they are restricting their ambitions. They claim that the GOP is going to try to paint all democrats as left-wing villains anyway, so there's no reason not to rely on big solutions that the public sees as popular.

"These are actually politicians who are catching up with the people and the economic conditions in which they live," said former Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello, a Democrat who lost his seat in 2010 after seeing Obamacare and a cap and Had supported the trade proposal on climate change. "Taking a good idea and halving it made it more popular. Now it sounds flat. "

In fact, the Super PAC, working with the House's GOP leadership, is already addressing the moderate newcomers Antonio Delgado of New York and Colin Allred of Texas over the Green New Deal – though both have not joined the resolution to have. 19659008] These are divisions that Republicans want to exploit in the coming weeks in terms of climate and health care. This is the first in a series of tough trials for 2020 Democrats addressing the newly won power of the left and raising expectations.

"We will really see in the 2020 presidential campaign who is actually committed to prioritizing and promoting this policy," Shahid said, "and who wants to be just part of the hashtag.

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