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The proof that Meghan Markle is the same good person she has always been

Before we judge someone in pop culture, we need to understand better how imperfect people are. No one will match the image of perfection that we still give to remarkable people. Nevertheless, we should all believe that most people are good by nature. Some are better than others, and a few more are often complained about caring for people.

You can now place Meghan Markle more or less in the latter category. Fortunately, there is documented evidence that proves she is an empathetic person who not only thinks of herself at every opportunity.

With another bile bomb attack from her step-siblings coming soon, let's take a look at the evidence that Meghan is equally good with. She's been all the time.

Meghan was allegedly always a loyal friend

While it depended on the proximity of a friend to Meghan, say those who are by their side, all that they are loyal to them. Although royal insiders cast shadows over Meghan's closest friends, who tell the British media nice things about them, why should such comments be denied?

Some royal officials claim that Meghan allowed her friends to gather in her defense. Even if she did, she had a right to it, after she was bombarded with criticism from all sides. Her friends would not bother to say good things unless they really meant them.

We can take her word, but there is also online evidence of Meghan's loving personality and her selfless attitude. In some cases, one has to look for it, considering that her social media record went into the digital ether when she deleted Instagram and blog.

Review of Meghan's Old Blog

Thanks to places like Archives.org Remains of Meghan's thoughts and opinions can be found in her old lifestyle blog. Part of it has been saved and recently made accessible to everyone.

It was a snapshot of Meghan in 2014 before she even knew Harry. Her blog poetically spoke of the terrible times she had been through in her 20s and how she was always trying too hard to make other people happy. At a time when she was an actress, she asked a casting director to just be herself.

The phrase "you are enough" became more or less a new buzzword, and it was a philosophy to hold on to. This act of self-expression tells you a lot about yourself if you do not use life with pretense.

Further evidence proves that Meghan and Harry had a very similar education.

Both Meghan and Harry got along well with their mothers

Fortunately, you can still find some British media presenting positive stories about Meghan. A recent story from the Daily Express (which tends to support the new royal couple in general) notes that Meghan's mother was very similar to Princess Diana.

If you put this equation together, you say a lot about how people turn out to be if they have similar good mothers. Doria Ragland was on the news recently, and we learned more about the sacrifices of life she made to help others than her daughter.

She is currently spending some time in Frogmore Cottage to help her daughter become a new mother. Meghan, who is near her mother, also tells of the kind of person she is when some people in similar positions exclude her parents.

Meghan can be barred from avoiding her father, Thomas Markle, Senior.

Go back and see how much effort Meghan has made to rejoin her father and find peace with her step-sister and step-brother. When her father revealed a personal letter to the media she had written to him, it was the ultimate betrayal that brought the inevitable exile from her life.

We all hope that they can eventually re-establish their relationship. No matter she would avoid her father for his actions, Meghan Markle does not make a bad person. Being a good person by nature can become an important reinforcement if certain people try to convince you that you are not.

When Harry and her mother are around, they should protect the Duchess from more ruthless negative comments.

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