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The proposal requires that NFL calls are not verified

PHOENIX – The NFL Competition Committee has come up with a new proposal for the extension of the rendition, which could review some non-visits, in response to a nearly three-hour meeting on Monday, at which all 32 Participants were present Coaches expressed their support to find a way to correct clear and obvious mistakes, no matter how they happen.

Contrary to a couple of proposals filed last week, the new rule would have raised the controversial failure of officials to demand pass-throughs in the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles Rams' 26-23 victory over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game.

Saints coach Sean Payton arrived at the league's annual media breakfast on Tuesday, more than 1

5 minutes early Tuesday to continue to work for Replay Expansi on.

"People would say [to me]," Stop, "said Payton. "But I'm not complaining at all, it's just trying to think ahead, what deductible can you feel comfortable with [We] just hit by this event, I do not think it was good for everyone Coaches met yesterday This is the best meeting I have participated in in my thirteen years. "

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Payton and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, both members of the competition committee, chaired the Monday's trainers meeting. The owners are expected to debate the rerun on Tuesday and have tentatively scheduled a vote for Wednesday morning. Support for one of the proposals is uncertain, and there are often important rule changes in the league until the spring sessions in May. But coaches agreed in their message.

"It was 32-0," said Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians. "Hopefully our voice will be heard."

Some coaches differ in the details. Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden said he was worried about frame-by-frame analysis of passphrase calls. He suggested, however, that the existing recruiting officer sitting in stadiums in the press box alert the referees to clear and obvious mistakes.

"I think the coaches were on the right path," Gruden said. "I think the rerun could expand his role, I think he might be able to beep up to [referee] if there's an obvious or undeniable mistake, maybe there are 13 guys in the field Do not say that there is a fifth problem, maybe even the game that cost the saints … I think the guy up there can do an undeniable injustice without interrupting the game, I think that should happen . "

Payton went one step further and said the owners would one day come to a similar conclusion.

"It could not be this weekend," Payton said. "Not today, but we'll have a point where this eighth officer lets this game flow, it'll let it flow, and he'll grumble this buzzer if he has a certain level of A. A mistake has been made That's going to happen. "

As the NFL moves closer in their embrace of sports and live betting, Payton said, the League's office will be re-examined. When fans are frustrated by the potential for a slower game pace, he said: "One million times when they [$ 4,000] [bet] sat on their phones and clicked Caesar's" click. "

" And they hit "click "For a score here and for the last ride" click ", they have all met. And the last drive and such a call takes place and blurrrrr … there is nothing in the account. I do not even speak of the enthusiastic player. That's not the one they choose. Suddenly our kids have 20, 40 dollars. …

"We will not be perfect, but you definitely have to look like you're trying."

In the meantime, the owners have given two expected votes on Tuesday morning. They made the changes to the kick-off rule of 2018 which had been carried out one-year, permanent. They also voted to remove all blindside blocks not just those in the head or neck area, to increase safety during punches and other games.

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