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The Pros and Cons of Losing Weight – From Diet Pills to Calculators to Keto – The Sun.

There is no consistent approach to weight loss.

Every body is different, and what works for one may not match the other.

   There are some general rules that apply to this Everybody needs to know before he sets out to lose weight.


There are some general rules that everyone needs to know before starting to lose weight.

However, there are some general rules that everyone must know before they set out to break down the pounds and lightning body fat.

And with so much information and many misunderstandings – from dieteticism to weight loss calculators – we've rounded up a few dos and are not helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

This is where Marvin Burton, Head of Fitness at Anytime Fitness, talks about The Sun Online about his main "dos and don'ts" when losing weight. [19659009] DO NOT drain with BMI values.

Do not be drained by BMI values. This is just a general guide without affecting the muscles.

For example, the majority of the English rugby team would be considered obese if they focused on it.

This is a reference point for non-active people and if you are exercising regularly, you are no longer the "average person".

Find sports that you enjoy and vary them.

Try to get friends to train with others or involve others – exercise is fun and motivating if you can involve your family or spend time with friends.

It will be a social part of your life.

DO NOT use diet pills.

Extreme diets / tablets / methods can create weight loss by causing you to lose weight in vital areas and affect your hormonal balance.

If you stop using these methods, you may be able to gain more weight and weight in the future.

Weight in focus. You must also consider the transfer of body fat to muscles and the improvement of visceral fat (around your organs), which are far more important to your health.

Try weight loss calculators.

Weight loss calculators help you to find out exactly how many calories you need to omit.

Weight loss involves many variables that can change from person to person, meaning that everyone needs a different calorie intake.

Weight loss calculators, like those from the BMI Calculator, help you calculate exactly what you should eat.

   Accurately determining the number of calories you should eat with a weight loss calculator may be the key to losing those stubborn pounds.


Accurately Determining the Number of Calories You Should Eat Eating with a weight loss calculator might be the key to shedding those stubborn pounds. Credit: Getty – Contributor

Although this might not work for everyone and does not have to be tied to stri ctly (this may limit the enjoyment of food / diet), this is a useful guide to recommended calories and macros.

For example, all of us enjoy a sumptuous cheat meal / day at the weekend and know that you know your recommended weekly calorie goal is to know whether you need to relax during the week to accommodate your enjoyable weekend.

Do not Keto

Hundreds of celebrities may claim that the keto diet involves replacing carbohydrates with fats and proteins that have made them lean.

However, it limits carbohydrates to the utmost and at the same time promotes high levels of fat intake to reach the magical state of ketosis, where you burn more fat.

Vary your dietary choices instead – healthy eating is only boring if you do not explore it and look for it.

Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills – Cooking, baking and various food cultures expand your knowledge of healthy eating and you will love finding new flavors. [19659009] DO NOT eat

Dramatic calorie reduction is not healthy and leads to fatigue, mood swings, increased stress and increased muscle loss (which does not look good).

Remember that you need a basic amount of calories for your calories organs and vital functions.

Muscles also burn fat! The goal of any fat loss plan is to strengthen the muscles.

Track your progress.

Garmin's Marketing and Product Manager Theo Axford told The Sun Online: "With a fitness tracker, usually a wrist-based monitor, your heart rate and exercise can be a great way to stay motivated."

As you see your progress, this can be a great motivation that will help you stay on track on the hardest days by seeing how far you have come.

"Exercise is usually part of a person's weight loss, whether it's a few hundred extra steps a day or something more powerful, such as walking."

Do not overdo the exercise

It's too tiring to do it try the wrong too.

If you exceed your goal, you will not have time to develop, adjust your muscles, and repair your body.

Make sure you have rest days and have rest.

Think about your lifestyle.

Think about your lifestyle according to lifestyle and work to eliminate the things that hold you back.

Also consider passive health – most people focus on the active part of their health, but your mental health and confidence will have a bigger impact on your goals. [19659009] DO NOT focus on the mirror

We see our reflection hundreds of times a day.

Changes to your body shape always occur, but you will not necessarily be the person who first sees it.

So do not try to make a difference after the first day.

Instead, you could take front / side profile photos in Week 1 and every 2-3 weeks later.

Or do you judge your body shape change according to your clothes – are they easier to attach? Do you have more room for maneuver?

Do not Save Sleep

Theo von Garmin added, "Sleep is incredibly useful to give you the energy to move and make better decisions, and has a tremendous impact

" Although You do not necessarily need 12 hours, you can be motivated when you are well rested.

"Fitness trackers can once again help you keep track of this, with the best trackers showing how restorative your sleep is, how many hours you get and how you can rest better."

Celebrate every victory.

Being healthy and losing body fat is your ultimate goal.