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The prosecutors suspect that Paul Manafort has attempted to extract a million dollars from his forfeiture

A mysterious shell company called Woodlawn LLC, which was in the middle of investigating Robert Muller in the investigation of Manafort in August 2017, claimed in court that it earned a million dollars from Manafort's expiration. The company says Manafort, chairman of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, still owes this amount to repay a 2017 mortgage loan.

In a court tribunal filed on Saturday, the prosecutor said he could not tell if the Nevada-registered company had a $ 1 million loan to Manafort "a real or sham transaction."

The prosecutor says that more evidence is "needed because the United States lacks information to determine if Woodlawn is a person other than the defendant," the court said.

Manafort's spokesman declined to comment on the charges on Saturday.

Woodlawn gives Manafort a $ 1

,025 million mortgage loan in two payments in 2017. But the prosecutors were unable to determine that the money was actually being paid – or that Manafort had repaid anything.

The company, according to the prosecution, has not disclosed where the money came from and who owns the company. Woodlawn was only a member of "a manager who apparently resigned shortly after the original petition was reviewed, and the company's lawyer who took over." The company does not have its own address.

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The Justice Department says it's necessary to obtain evidence about Woodlawn, before it can be determined what might be owed to the company. The prosecution has already agreed repayments with some banks, which they receive from Manafort's real estate sales for loans he received on false charges and has not repaid.

Manafort has pleaded bank fraud, money laundering and illegal lobbying for Ukrainians in the US as part of its conspiracy and disability plea. In these admissions, he said he used shell companies to make millions of dollars in payments and make expensive purchases while hiding them from the US government.

A panel of judges condemned Manafort for tax fraud and bank fraud last year after three cases explaining the offshore accounts and methods that he used to inflate his income on banks, including the claim that he had received false credits.

All in all, Manafort must contribute eleven million dollars to the federal government. Part of this amount may result from the sale of several properties confiscated by the government. Overall, he has to pay about $ 25 million restitution to banks.

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