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The Proud Father Dre brags after his daughter in the USC "alone"

The Thirteen Hip Hop Legend Dr. Dre took a jab of prominent celebrities and other affluent parents who were recently involved in a college recording scandal while boasting about his daughter being admitted to the University of Southern California.

"My daughter was accepted solo in the USC," he wrote in a Saturday Instagram post. "No Prison !!!"

Dre, 54, the former member of the rap group NWA, whose real name Andre Young has a connection to the University of Los Angeles. In 2013, he donated $ 70 million to the school for founding the Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy of Arts, Technology and Innovation.

Record producer Iovine (66), known for his work with Bruce Springsteen, U2 and other artists, has previously collaborated with Dre on Beats Electronics, who has become Apple's best-known subsidiary. Dre's contribution comes after actress Lori Loughlin was linked in a massive college bribery program in which she and her husband reportedly paid $ 500,000 for their daughters Olivia Jade (19) and Isabella Giannulli (19). 20), who are referred to as crew recruits for admission to school.


By 40 people were indicted, including actress Felicity Huffman. After the scandal, Loughlin was dropped by Hallmark Channel and Jade lost a sponsorship deal with make-up giant Sephora.

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