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The queen officially decides who becomes prime minister. The following will happen in the next week

Following his brief meeting with the Queen, the new Prime Minister and his new Chief Private Secretary will return to Downing Street, where traditionally new Prime Ministers are giving speeches to the nation in front of the No. 10 Black Door. [19659002] Earlier, outgoing Chair Theresa May will speak at her last session of the Prime Minister's questions to the legislators of the House of Commons – the harsh Punch and Judy show that takes place every week when Parliament meets.

Prime ministers often use their final PMQs to achieve political outcomes and to thank loyal supporters. Given the nightmare in which May tried to govern, people who love political theater will hope for a good dose of the former.

After her last speech to the Commons, May will travel to Buckingham Palace and inform the Queen as Prime Minister.

According to tradition, May then suggests another person best able to form a government, and the queen invites that person to the palace.

That's the formal stuff, now for politics.

After a new prime minister first entered Downing Street, some urgent issues need to be resolved. First, the public service will inform the new leader of everything ̵

1; yes, everything he needs to know about the job.

In the first week, other tasks have to be completed. It's a hectic time from what the United Kingdom's ballistic submarines are supposed to do when London gets involved in a nuclear strike to agreeing on consultants and political appointments.

Johnson must immediately proceed with the formation of his government. At the moment nobody knows, whom the new prime minister will ask to serve. During the leadership competition, he attracted admirers from across the conservative party.

Rumors are fierce, but there is general consensus in Westminster that more people think they are looking for jobs than vacancies. This would mean that Johnson may have to abandon many people in his first week.

Whoever is appointed, it is seen as the first sign of what a Prime Minister he wants to be, especially when it comes to Brexit.

We know that Johnson's preferred option is an agreement with Europe that is significantly different from the one negotiated in May. He is also resolved, if necessary, to leave on 31st October without an agreement.

There are two key questions: First, how different must this agreement be? Second, how committed is he to an agreement?

  The new British Prime Minister will only have 30 days to complete the Brexit.

The broad Johnson coalition is made up of people who consistently follow May's softer approach to Brexit and, in contrast, some of the toughest Eurosceptics in the world remained loyal to the conservative party. He has a lot of talent to choose from, and the formation of his new government is being watched closely in both London and Brussels.

However, this could all be academic. It's no secret that May left a political mess. This leadership competition and the Razzamatazz of Johnson's campaign have distracted a bit. There could be a new top team, but Johnson will move down Downing Street and face the same problems as in May.

He has no majority in the lower house. His party is bitterly divided over Brexit. The nation loses confidence in politicians and political institutions. The Labor Party of the Opposition is ready to bring Johnson down and force parliamentary elections. And the Europeans with whom he wants to negotiate a new deal trust Johnson much less than they were in May Aspects of a political party that is detested by a decent section of the population – The Conservatives are facing an early election with a leader who Alienated a large number of the people who voted for Remain in 2016. And remember, this victory was anything but emphatic.

After meeting the Queen to collect his crown (not literally), Johnson has cut out his work for him. The boy, who dreamed of becoming prime minister, might find out on the first day that he is a weaker leader than his long-suffering predecessor. Thankfully, Parliament will get up for the summer on Friday and will not return until September.

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