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The Raptors are not back. They never left

If you thought the Raptors were roasted when they slipped 2-0 against the masterful bucks in this Eastern Conference final series, it's time to recalibrate your sensors. Toronto blew Milwaukee out of the water on Tuesday to make up for the series in the 2-2 draw, although Kawhi Leonard was injured and tired and Pascal Siakam suffered from bad problems.

Kawhi still did damage in 34 minutes, Kyle Lowry (25th) 6-11 shooting) and Marc Gasol (17-7-5-2-1) were great. But the bank was the real story: Serge Ibaka, Norman Powell and Fred VanVleet were all confident and good. Powell scored inefficiently to reach his 1

8 points and VanVleet made up for it (13 points with 5-6 shots, 6 assists, 1 turnover). All the above played a really tough defense, what was the difference in this one.

After Game 2, it looked like Toronto had no cards to play against a superior Bucks team. The double overtime thriller of Game 3 did not convince anyone that Toronto had a chance even though they had won. Game 4 should change that.

This is a GREAT series and nobody can reasonably know who will win. We have a Best of 3 series with Kawhi and Giannis and, well, Drake . Let's go.


Bucks 102, Raptors 120
Series tied 2-2


There are no games planned. Clean your aquarium.


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Be excellent with each other.

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