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The real reason Jordyn Woods will completely recover from the scam scandal

If you're trying to understand what reality is and what half of a publicity stunt is, your head may tend to spin if you keep up with the Kardashians. Most of us know that the reality show world is a potpourri of reality that clashes with the script of a situation writer. Whether this is the case with the recent fraud scandal by Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods still leaves a guess.

One thing we know is the formula that the Kardashians almost always make money with. Many people will question the ethics behind such things. However, this does not prevent the inner circle from profiting from the scandal.

Jordyn Woods will benefit exponentially from this. Let's look at how and if it will help or hurt her.

The PR received by Jordyn Woods is considerable

Who needs a PR team if a scandal does all the work for you? The media interest that Jordyn Woods has enjoyed since the Khloé Kardashian / Tristan Thompson brouhaha was considerable.

Take a look at all the interviews Jordyn ran last month. She was present in almost every entertainment show that she and Tristan had just kissed and not become passionate.

This was not enough to fix the feeling of betrayal of Wood's best friend Kylie Jenner. The latter basically dismissed Woods because he even had a kiss with Thompson.

Whether you think this is real or not, the money that Woods continues to earn will only take them a new path.

Fans will continue with the next scandal, but Woods has launched a new career

The brand that Jordyn Woods has coined in the meantime will enable her to possibly become a successful businesswoman. Such orbits are often sought by the Kardashians and those in orbit to find other business opportunities.

One example is the ongoing reporting that Woods is being flooded with business deals around the world. Many of these "deals" will take place in places like London and the Middle East and possibly act as an online influencer for various top brands.

This is obviously good news for Woods, as she was initially of the opinion that the Kardashians would determine their lives and careers. On a larger scale, it seems to prove the depressing point that, if you get a lot of media attention (no matter if it's a scandal), you want brands to promote your products.

Does Woods win the scandal? ethical side?

Let's look at all the corners of this scandal. Most people seem to blame Tristan Thompson for starting him anyway, as he used to be known for cheating. Public support for Woods has been enormous, and many are still wondering if this was a setting that would help her get known.

Not a few would agree that they did not really know much about Woods before the scandal erupted. She appeared on KUWTK, although she was always marginalized and never involved in the big money side of the Kardashian Empire.

If you think the scandal is real, then Woods chose him as an opportunity to improve himself, which is certainly worth it. Those who are still skeptical may think that it is just another cliché of Kardashian's strategy to further the interests of their family and friends. Will Woods repairs her friendship with Kylie

  Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods | Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images for King Games

Once Woods becomes a successful businesswoman, she may be able to re-establish her longtime friendship with Kylie Jenner. The latter is said to have asked Woods to move out of the house after the outbreak of the scandal.

From this perspective, it seems all too real that some are thinking about whether Jenner Woods really can trust again.

You can still say a positive thing The thing with the Kardashians and their friends: They get more mature over time and learn a lot of rigorous lessons. Finding oneself better to repair friendships is probably a remarkable way of life, rather than the Kardashian's response to any scandalous opportunity.

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