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The Real Reason Meghan Markle is said to be too independent

Meghan Markle may have just married into the British royal family, but the Duchess of Sussex has come through like a hurricane. Markle and commitment, Markle has worked tirelessly to make her way as a queen. From imitation of her royal patronage to conversations with various charities, the pregnant duchess has never failed.

Unfortunately, Markle's determination to show her best foot in her new life has not always been such a positive thing. Because of this, it is called too independent.

Why is Meghan Markle too independent?

Although she was a famous actress accustomed to the public limelight, the queen brings a very different kind of pressure. An insider told the Daily Mail, "Although 19459014 was a famous actress, she still could do what she wanted to move freely. But in her current role she can not go anywhere without her protection team. That's a massive compulsion force for a person like her. "

Duncan Larcombe, who reported the royal family to The Sun in London, stated," As an actress, Meghan expects perfection, but if you're in the royal family, then you have to learn that it's not about you, It's about what you represent.

Is Meghan Markle hostile to her royal staff?

In the short time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married, some of their royal employees resigned. Unfortunately, many people blame Markle for the mass exodus. Daily Mail said, "It is said that the palace's staff have never experienced anything in the distance, such as Meghan's impressive work ethic, which is accompanied only by the incessant thoughts of designing her role. Although the adjutants consider their enthusiasm to be good, their energy on the West Coast and on the West Coast is an uncomfortable connection with the more formal ethos of some palace workers.

Is Prince Harry emphasized with his colleague?

Ms. Harry, who has some struggles getting used to her life in the British royal family, is trying to ease her concerns. However, the change has also heavily loaded the normally loose redhead. Larcombe said to page six, "Harry wants to protect Meghan. When she is frustrated and stressed, he reads the attacks of the employees and asks them for them. But you can not blame Meghan, she has taken her biggest role so far, and she's with heart and soul. Yes, she sends emails to employees at 5am, but she is very excited and Harry takes his lead. He is under great pressure behind the scenes. "

Fortunately, news about Markle's independence or the frustration of Prince Harry and a happy baby are soon being launched. Change can be extremely stressful, but focusing on one's baby makes all the irritations of the Dukes and Duchesses insignificant.

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