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The real reason that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are unlikely to spend Valentine's Day together

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still experiencing all their first holidays as husband and wife. They recently spent their first married Christmas and New Year celebrations – and next is Valentine's Day. But according to royal insiders, Meghan and Harry may not spend the holiday together. Here is the reason.

  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Meghan and Harry were together on Valentine's Day last year

. Meghan and Harry had a whirlwind romance. The two met in 2016 and by 2017 they had announced their commitment. The following spring, the two tied the knot at a ceremony on television. And only a few months later Meghan announced her pregnancy. But before that the two spent a few Valentine's days together. In 2018, the couple spent a day before vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although they did not disclose how they spent the actual vacation, the two were definitely in each other's company. But that was before the wedding, and things were different.

This year, Prince Harry's royal duties are likely to tell the couple apart. Prince Harry is the Duke of Sussex. And now that he has got married and received his official royal title, the royal duties are not slowing down. According to Cosmopolitan, the palace has just revealed that he will be traveling on Valentine's Day this year to perform duties related to his role as Captain General of the Royal Marines. The visit allegedly involves participating in an annual training exercise as well as meeting and mixing with the military personnel. Meanwhile, Meghan will stay home.

Meghan is pregnant and may not travel with him

Meghan and Harry had mentioned that they wanted to start a family shortly after their marriage. The couple married in May of last year, and in October, the palace announced that they would be expecting a baby next spring. Supposing Meghan was at least three months old, that means the couple started their family just months after their marriage. But since Meghan's due date was fast approaching, she had not been on the road lately. This means she will most likely not be in the event with Harry. Unfortunately, that also means that they do not spend Valentine's Day together. Besides, the two are not always in each other's company to fulfill royal duties. There are things that you need to do on your own.

Meghan has restricted her journey since pregnancy.

Immediately after announcing the pregnancy, Meghan and Harry traveled to New Zealand and Australia. Meghan was pregnant, but she did not have a baby belly yet (unless you looked very, very carefully). Since then, the Duchess has tried to restrict travel. It is not known if she has been instructed by doctors, but she may try to take it easy as this is her first pregnancy. She has also missed some events for members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton's birthday party. She also did not attend Priyanka Chopra's wedding with Nick Jonas. Priyanka and Meghan have been best friends for some time. It does not look like Meghan will be traveling with her husband on Valentine's Day, but we hope they make up for it next year.

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